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Welcome to Aureus Academy, where music brings meaning to our lives! All of us at Aureus Academy are passionate about music and the gift of music is what brings us all together. We want to share the gift of music with you as you start your musical journey at Aureus Academy!

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Find a Teacher that Inspires You

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, so choose the teacher based on your personal preferences when booking a trial. All our teachers are qualified and trained to work with students of all ages and abilities, but goal is to match you or your child with a teacher that inspires you!

Hundreds of Teachers to Choose From

There are over 500 teachers at Aureus who are excited to get you started on your musical journey with us. Start by selecting the most ideal location, the day and time, then choose the teacher best suited to your preferences.


Studio that feels like home

We believe learning is more effective when students feel comfortable. Our studios are designed to feel more like home with vibrant colours, warm lights, and transparent doors that feel like windows. You can sit inside with your child during the lesson or outside in our waiting area.

Elements from home

We strive to cultivate a warm and friendly environment that sparks a passion for learning. A studio with cozy furniture and a relaxing vibe will encourage our students to engage with their teachers and have fun!


The Aureus Academy App

Kids are busier than most CEOs! Kids have so many activities that it’s almost impossible to manage their schedules. Fortunately for parents, you can reschedule, cancel, and book make-up lessons all through our app and parent portal instantly. Yeah, It’s that easy.

Flexible Rescheduling Policies

Aureus Academy offers the most flexible rescheduling policies or any music school and allows our students to reschedule lessons themselves using our app or portal.

Performance Showcase

Performance Opportunities

One of the most exciting aspects of studying at Aureus is getting to perform in front of your family, friends, and peers at one of our recital halls. Students get the opportunity to perform up to twice-a-year to showcase their progress. Recitals are a goal that students can work towards.

Building Confidence

Every student deserves an opportunity to shine. Showcase your talents and grow your confidence each time you take the stage!


Don’t just take our word for it. See what parents have to say!

Highly recommended AUREUS ACADEMY! Staffs are all friendly, my daughter’s teacher is very professional, very passionate and fun loving. Music lessons is one-to-one, perfectly tailored for individuals need. For the schedule, they are very flexible and with their mobileapp, rescheduling lessons when something comes up is so easy.

Gloriden Ilan

Both of my kids have been learning piano with Aureus since 4 yrs old. We have requested for change of classes and Teachers as they progressed along the way. The booking system is so convenient for busy parents. Rescheduling is also flexible.

Wendy Weng

Good impression from the start of Jurong Point branch – service staff very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Although we were ambivalent about signing my child up for classes after the trial, we were recommended a different teacher for my son and he took to his music teacher and lessons very well...

Sue Hui Tan
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