Perks of the Piano: 4 Benefits of Mastering the Keys

Dive into the world of piano lessons in Singapore and discover how they can elevate your life! Read on to uncover the benefits.

May 2, 2024



Singapore is known for several things. Recently, in March this year, we were THE country to be in, in the SEA region, if you wanted to catch Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour. Another thing Singapore is known for is our education system and our emphasis on academic achievements in school. Findings have revealed that “top maths performers Singapore, Macau and Taiwan ‘reported a high fear of failure and limited engagement in extracurricular activities."

We have all heard the saying, “All work and no play makes Xiao Ming a dull boy.” As we grow older and take on more responsibilities, the time to try to pick up new hobbies to help us unwind gets reduced as we try to use the time for spending time with family or current hobbies.

So, what better time to begin piano lessons in Singapore than at a young age? Take the time to explore this hobby and discover the benefits that could work hand in hand with academic excellence, for example, enhanced cognitive abilities, improved emotional well-being and social skills. In this blog post, we elaborate more on these benefits and more.  


1. Enhance Cognitive Abilities

Playing the piano is a “complex task”. You will need to read the notes, process them in your brain and translate them into a melody through the movement of your fingers on the piano keys.

So, will piano lessons make you “smarter”? A study found that “musicians do marginally better on cognitive ability tests than those who did not play an instrument.” Another study shared findings that:

“Within just a few weeks of starting lessons, people’s ability to process multisensory information – i.e., sight and sound – was enhanced.”

So, on top of gaining a new hobby, taking piano lessons could also help you achieve academic excellence in the educational landscape in Singapore. For example, another study conducted showed that:

“Children who took piano lessons were significantly better at distinguishing between spoken words that differed by only one consonant. This suggests that piano lessons affect a crucial and complex element of language processing.”  

And that is not all that playing the piano can do for you. It can even...  


2. Improve Mental Well-being

What is mental well-being or mental health? Just like our physical health, mental well-being focuses on how well we handle our day-to-day mentally – how we cope with stress, what kind of thoughts we have, and how we feel. In 2023, nearly nine out of ten Singaporeans mentioned feeling stress. While the findings are not shocking, given the emphasis on academic excellence, it is a cause for concern.

So, how can piano lessons help you destress? A study has found that:  

“Playing an instrument elicits brain changes that positively influence cognitive functioning and decreases stress.”  

But isn’t it more stressful when piano lessons sometimes involve a strict teacher and only training for exams? Thankfully, not all schools are like that anymore.

Some schools let you learn what you wish to and do not add to the stress with exams. If you only attend piano lessons to learn how to play your favourite song or theme from Hamilton, let your teacher know, and they will tailor their lesson plan to work towards that goal with you. Discover the joy of playing your favourite piece to unwind after a long day of classes or work.  


3. Social Skills

As you head out on the weekends, particularly in Orchard, you might recall seeing a piano in the MRT station. Sometimes, a crowd gathers to watch a talented pianist striking the keys and performing a song that may or may not be well-known - because of the emotions he puts into playing the piece.

People get drawn to talented musicians, and to maintain the rapport, the pianist must engage the audience with their talent, humility and personality. The same rings true when performing in a recital, picking up on cues in the crowd on whether they enjoy your performance.  

A collection of studies about young children learning music shows:  

"Regular instrument lessons can support the attainment of social skills in those who have difficulties in learning them.”  


4. Promotes Lifelong Learning

Piano lessons in Singapore provide a way for you to learn a skill for life. Like riding a bicycle, you will ease back into the piano even if you have not played for a while. All it takes is a little bit of practice to warm up.

Even if you have reached the peak of musical achievement, you can still look forward to expanding your repertoire with the latest compositions by your favourite artists or composers. With their constant stream of new songs, you will always have fresh material to challenge yourself and keep your skills sharp.

And even if you missed the chance to learn the piano when you were younger, you could always pick up piano lessons now if you wish to, or whenever, as it is not an age-restrictive hobby.  


In Conclusion

If you are looking for a way to enhance your child's cognitive abilities, emotional well-being, and social skills while promoting lifelong learning, look no further! As the #1 music school for kids in Singapore, Aureus Academy prides itself on letting students learn what they want to as they develop a love for music and build skills that will last a lifetime. So why wait? Enrol your child in Aureus Academy today and watch them thrive!

And, if you are not ready to commit yet, click here to book a free trial and tour our facilities!

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