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Discover how we got here, who we are, and what we believe in!



Lessons Conducted

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It started with a small team of passionate musicians who loved music because of their teachers. Today, over 18,000 students actively take music lessons and we employ over 750 people across our 19 Aureus Academy centres through Singapore.

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The History of Aureus Academy Music School

Our first music school opened in September 2013 as we saw the opportunity to enrich countless lives with what we felt was missing; let people learn what they want to. Since our first day nearly a decade ago, our approach has always been built around the best possible experience for our students, so they want to learn music and develop a passion for learning.

Starting Out

It was September 2013; brothers Lawrence and Julius Holmefjord-Sarabi opened their first Aureus Academy branch at Delfi Orchard!

...and Growing  Faster!

In only 3 years, Aureus ANOTHER 8 music schools at popular locations including Jurong Point, Bedok Mall, and Vivocity. And the most remarkable part? We opened 4 more schools during the Covid-19 period with aplomb, enrolling as many as 200 students a month! 



By May 2018, Aureus opened 8 more music schools in Singapore in key locations: Forum, Rochester Mall, AMK Hub, Westgate, Eastpoint, Northpoint, Suntec, and United Square!

10 Years & Beyond!

Having opened another 4 locations between 2022 and 2023, Aureus Academy continues to thrive and explore new opportunities, with planned expansions and new school openings in 2024 and beyond! 



Lessons Conducted














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What makes us different


"We have discovered that the key to success at Aureus has come mainly from differentiation. We have never tried to undercut or outsell other providers, but rather provide an experience that is simply better. By focusing on our core values (which may be different from other schools) and hiring the very best people, we have become the leading company in our industry."
-Lawrence H. Sarabi, Founder & CEO



Our Values

We believe everyone is capable of learning to play an instrument. Our goal at Aureus is to match our students with a teacher that fits their learning style, which is why we will always offer a free trial lesson. If more than one trial is needed, we are more than happy to accommodate!



Our Culture

Our culture at Aureus is built around performance and giving musicians career opportunities. The first piano teacher hired is now COO, our first admin is now Managing Director, and countless other positions have been promoted. This approach makes us unique and gives our staff opportunities to grow beyond teaching!



Our Approach

It’s simple: Let people learn what they want to. Since our first day nearly a decade ago, our approach has always been built around the best possible experience for our students so they actually want to learn music and develop a passion for learning.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What's the minimum age for Starting with Music Lessons at Aureus?


At Aureus Academy, we believe music is for everyone! We have learners starting music lessons as young as 2.5 years old! We welcome the young at heart too - it's never too late to pick up a new skill!

2. Which instrument Should My Child Start With?


Aureus provides a wide variety of instrument lessons for all ages! Generally, the piano is regarded as the most user-friendly instrument for young learners and a great way to learn the basics of music. However, this also depends on what your child loves to listen to! We have kids who like to rock and roll and start out with the drums, or kids who love to belt out and sing through vocal lessons! Every child is unique - and that's also why we'd suggest a free trial lesson to discover your child's unique talent! 

3. How can I Keep track of my child's progress?


At Aureus, we believe that children make great progress through strong teamwork between child, parent, and teacher! Our Aureus Music Teacher will update you on your child's progress points after every lesson and if you want to take it a step further, all parents are welcome to sit into lessons so you can be a part of your child's learning journey! Parents are also welcome to request for progress videos in case you can't make it to your child's lessons.

4. Do we need a piano at home? We're just starting
our lessons!


Having an instrument at home to practice with is highly recommended! Learning how to play a musical instrument is not just a mental skill, but it involves a lot of muscle memory and exercises to strengthen coordination.

However, not to worry! Aureus provides piano rental options at affordable monthly rates! You can speak to our Aureus Pianos Team at our centers for more information.

5. How Long and How Often Should One Practice
to Master Playing an Instrument?


10 to 15 Minutes a day - YES, it's that simple! When beginning your musical learning journey, short, daily practice is enough as a start, and you can slowly add a few minutes each time you progress to play more complex and lengthy repertoire. The most important thing? Consistency. The more consistent the practice, the more likely you are to build healthy, daily habits that integrate seamlessly into your routine - just like brushing your teeth!

6. What are your Teachers qualifications?


Our teachers all have outstanding musical qualifications - ranging from professional Diplomas, Bachelor's, or even Master's Degrees in Music!

Moreover, they've undergone through a rigorous hiring process. Not only do we hire talented musicians, but we're proud to say that our teachers are also passionate and dedicated educators, and love to work with children and students of all ages!

7. What are your rescheduling policies?


Glad you asked! At Aureus, you'll experience the ultimate flexibility in rescheduling lessons. You'll only have to give a 4 hour notice to reschedule or cancel a lesson, and our makeup lessons are valid for 6 months after the cancelled lesson date! 

8. Can Aureus help us prepare for any music certifications?


Of course! Our professional and highly experienced teachers can work hand in hand with you to achieve any of your learning goals. Just let us know which music certification board you'd like to prepare for and our teachers can help prepare you or your child to ace the required repertoire and / or musical exercises.