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Aureus Academy is Singapore’s leading music school with over 15,000 students enrolled between our locations. Aureus Academy specialises in providing individually tailored piano lessons, violin lessons, guitar lessons, and vocal lessons to students of all ages and abilities.

Our music lessons are designed to engage each student in ways that suit their learning style. Whether they are interested in learning an instrument at their own pace for fun, or are looking for lessons with a more structured style to better prepare themselves for public performances, Aureus Academy teachers are able to tailor the lessons to the learning goals of each student.

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We believe that good teachers teach, great teachers inspire. We aim to inspire your child – inspire curiosity; inspire confidence; inspire a hunger for learning.

One way to inspire students is to lead by example. We hold regular mini concerts at our studios for our teachers to perform.

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The teachers are knowledgeable and very friendly. They tend to resolve the issues you encounter very fast and they know how to improve on your skills. They also adopt systematic approach and this will ease in music journey significantly. I enjoy the lessons here and the make up lessons are extremely easy to arrange through portal as well.

Niles C.

I had a wonderful vocal trial lesson at Ang Mo Kio Hub with Ms Cathryn. I do not have any previous experience of voice training, but Ms Cathryn guided me step by step with great patience to improve my singing skills. Their administrative team is just as professional as the teacher. I appreciate their smooth arrangement and warm service. I have to say it was a great experience.

Emilia Yu

Teacher George has been amazing with my 3-year-old! He is so patient with her and she has been learning a lot even though she doesn’t have the best attention span. She loves going to class. I would recommend George for sure! The facilities here are a bit small but are fine. The admin staff is pretty good.

Joanna O


What Came Before The Piano?

What Came Before the Piano?

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Music to Enjoy Under The Moonlight

Music to Enjoy Under the Moonlight

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Celebrated in many East and Southeast Asian cultures, this traditional festival is also known as the Moon Festival. It is believed by the Chinese that the moon is the brightest and fullest on this day. While admiring the large, glistening moon, here are some suggestions of music related to the moon that…


Popular Piano Pieces

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Some of the most beautiful things about music are the fond memories that a familiar piece brings to mind. It’s like a warm feeling that settles within our hearts when a piece of music speaks to our emotions. There is no argument that music is a universal language understood even by new-borns who have yet…


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