Swensun Chee

Swensun Chee

Voice & Piano Teacher at Aureus Academy Eastpoint

Bachelor of Music Education (Hons), at Sultan Idris Education University, Malaysia

Master singing with our very own"Sam Smith", Teacher Swensun!

Teacher Swensun is an incredible singer. He has captivated audiences across Malaysia and Singapore with his powerhouse voice and incredible control. Some have even dubbed him the asian "Sam Smith!" He has won numerous competitions, including Gold prize in the Malaysian International Choral Festival and performing as a soloist at the International Music Performance and Arts Conference.

However, he's not only an amazing singer - Teacher Swensun is also a really passionate and dedicated teacher! Before joining the Aureus teaching faculty, Teacher Swensun had accumulated years of experience teaching children of all ages. He's a really nice and friendly music teacher, and his students genuinely love going to his weekly lessons! Teacher Swensun has an incredible ability to truly connect with all his students, and tailor their vocal lessons to each and every learner's natural abilities and learning goals. Whether it's an operatic aria or a Frank Sinatra classic, Teacher Swensun will definitely be able to guide you towards achieving your singing dreams!

Book a free trial with Teacher Swensun at Aureus Eastpoint Mall and experience the magic of learning music for yourself!