Rolland Francis

Rolland Francis

Guitar, Drum, Piano, & Music Exploration Teacher at Aureus Academy Vivocity

Bachelor of Classical Music (Hons.)(Guitar & Music Composition), UCSI University, Malaysia

Strum to success with Teacher Rolland!

Teacher Rolland is a talented and experienced musician, educator, performer, and composer with a specialisation in guitar and composition! For 8 years prior to joining Aureus Academy, he was a dedicated music teacher in Malaysia, focusing on educating young learners. Teacher Rolland is also an active performer to this day, and is involved in several projects in the local contemporary music scene in terms of music producing and live performances! 

...and that's not all! Teacher Rolland's musical talent extends to songwriting; he has placed as a runner-up in various Malaysian songwriting competitions and he is the creative force behind Sabah's captivating Tourism theme song! Additionally, he contributes as an officially commissioned composer and arranger for the Malaysia Education Ministry.

What this means for anyone who is lucky to get a slot with him is that you can learn how to be an incredible guitar player and write your own music with Teacher Rolland's guidance! Furthermore, Teacher Rolland is an excellent improviser, and can also teach you how to impress an audience with improvised riffs and solos on the fly during live performances. This is a very unique skillset that even professional musicians can admire! 

Last but not least, Teacher Rolland is one of the most friendly, warm, and approachable guys you'll ever meet! His students instantly feel at ease during his music lessons.

Teacher Rolland Francis is a full-time music teacher at Aureus Vivocity, and he's eager to welcome new students! Try out his lessons through a free trial!