Resa Feng

Resa Feng

Voice, Guitar & Ukulele Teacher at Aureus Academy United Square

Master's Degree in Music (Composition), Sultan Idris Education University, Malaysia

Sing & Play with Teacher Resa!

Teacher Resa brings a diverse background as a composer, singer and songwriter into her music teaching! In fact, her experience teaching students has been diverse - prior to joining Aureus Academy, Teacher Resa was an elementary school teacher and tutored singing at her university's music club.

Teacher Resa is extremely fun, energetic, and charismatic; her vibrant energy and enthusiasm for sharing her talent and love for music with her students is immediately apparent, making her an exceptional and fun teacher for students aged 5 and above. In fact, since she's so multi-talented, students will get to learn not just the ukulele - you can learn how to sing AND play at the same time as well, making music lessons with Teacher Resa very fun and enjoyable!

Sing and play the ukulele with Teacher Resa at Aureus United Square - book a free trial lesson to experience the magic!