Muhamad Aniq Bin Asraf

Muhamad Aniq Bin Asraf

Guitar, Ukulele, & Music Exploration Teacher at Aureus Academy Forum

Bachelor of Music Performance (Hons.), Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Malaysia

Meet your future guitar teacher, Mr. Aniq!

Teacher Aniq is a talented and experienced musician, educator and performer! He started learning the guitar as a young teenager, and never looked back since then, pursuing both a Diploma in Music and a Bachelor of Music for his university studies. Throughout his time in conservatory, he gained invaluable experience in performing, composing songs and melodies, and teaching.

What's more, Teacher Aniq is an expert at many genres of the guitar. Whether you fancy an Ed Sheeran tune, or want to learn a Spanish Romance, he'll be able to teach you step by step on how to play the guitar songs and pieces you love! Combining his musical expertise and his friendly and easygoing personality, we'd highly recommend Teacher Aniq for anyone looking to pick up music lessons in mastering the guitar!

Teacher Aniq is a full-time music teacher at Aureus Forum Shopping Mall, and he's eager to welcome new students! Try out his guitar lessons through a free trial!