Lee Sing Hong

Lee Sing Hong

Violin, Piano, & Music Exploration Teacher at Aureus Academy KINEX

Master's of Music in Violin Performance, Lynn University Conservatory of Music, Boca Raton, Florida USA Bachelor of Music from the Boston Conservatory of Music, USA

Meet our Violin Maestro, Mr Sing Hong!

Teacher Sing Hong is a warm and passionate music educator and an accomplished classical violinist. His true passion? Teaching music to young children!
His credentials from prestigious music conservatories in the US, both degrees which he completed on full scholarships, and his exceptional ability to connect with young learners has made him a most sought-after instructor. He has also had experience teaching classical violin studies to aspiring musicians at conservatory level at the UCSI University Institute of Music, and Lynn Conservatory Pre-College Music Department.

Teacher Sing Hong's patient and nurturing approach, coupled with positive reinforcement, creates an ideal music learning environment where children and all learners can thrive and progress.

We think he's a great violin teacher, and we would love to give you and your family a chance to meet him! Teacher Sing Hong is a full-timer at our Aureus KINEX branch, and you are most welcome to schedule a free trial lesson with him!