Lee Jinyoung

Lee Jinyoung

Piano & Music Exploration Teacher at Aureus Academy Vivocity

Bachelor of Jazz & Contemporary Music, National Institute for Lifelong Education, Seoul, South Korea

Who is Teacher Jinyoung?

Teacher Jinyoung is an accomplished pianist and a passionate piano teacher; not only can she tackle some of the most challenging pieces in the classical and contemporary repertoire, but she also has a warm, vivacious, and energetic personality that makes her an inspiring music teacher for students of all ages! She's definitely a special kind of teacher who can truly customise the piano lessons according to whatever her students want to learn - whether it's a Duke Ellington jazz standard, Chopin, or a Top 40s pop song!

Under her guidance, students can expect to truly master the piano, going from a beginner all the way to a very high level, while also having loads of fun in every single piano lesson! 

Teacher Jinyoung is a full-time teacher with Aureus Academy Vivocity and is available for free trial lessons!