Student Policies


See the guidelines shaping your experience on Aureus Academy's platform.

  • 01. Tuition Fees and Frequency of Lessons

    Tuition fees are invoiced monthly at the beginning of each month and payment will be auto deducted from your account monthly through Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit cards. Lessons in the 5th week (29th, 30th, and 31st) will be prioritized for any outstanding make-up credits in your account (minimum of your enrolment package duration). If there are no outstanding make-ups or pre-make-ups arranged (within 60 days), the 5th lesson will be billed to your account 7 days prior to the 5th lesson day (once billed, any cancellations of this lesson will be considered a make-up).
    A non-refundable registration fee of $80 is required for all new students, inclusive of an Aureus Academy enrolment kit.
  • 02. Security Deposit

    Aureus Academy requires one-month (4 lessons) advanced notice for the termination of lessons. This security deposit will be refunded with one-month (4 lessons) notice or will serve in lieu of any remaining unpaid lessons within the one-month (4 lessons) notice. If lessons are terminated without a 30-day advanced notice, the security deposit will be forfeited. Informing an instructor of intent to withdraw, or not attending classes, does not constitute withdrawals from lessons.
  • 03. Missed Lessons

    For individual lessons, there will be no make-up for any cancellation by the student unless given a minimum of 4-hours notice. In the event a student cancels a lesson with less than 4-hours notice, supporting documents such as a Medical Certificate must be provided to receive the make-up credit. Group lessons require a 4-hour notice for consideration of a make-up lesson. Make-up lessons for group lessons must be of the same type, or it will be forfeited. If a teacher needs to cancel a lesson, regardless of the reason, it will be replaced and not prorated.
    This replacement will be rescheduled to accommodate the time schedule of both parties.
  • 04. Student Absence Policy

    Tuition fees will be due as normal, regardless of scheduling changes. For extended periods of absence and advanced scheduling changes, Aureus Academy will arrange makeup lessons either before or after the period of absence. All efforts will be made to ensure that the student receives their entitled makeup lessons with their respective teacher. Compliance with our Student Absence Policy allows the student to guarantee their time slot and respective teacher during periods of extended absence.
  • 05a. Public Holidays and Annual Leave

    Lessons will be conducted on the following public holidays (Good Friday, Vesak Day, Hari Raya Puasa, Hari Raya Haji, and Deepavali). If the lesson falls on a public holiday when we are closed, it will be canceled and added to your account as a makeup credit. If the teacher takes annual leave, lessons will be made up either before or after the leave period using the standard makeup lesson policy.
  • 05b. Government-Mandated Closures

    In the event of a government-mandated temporary facility closure (e.g. a default work-from-home arrangement or reduced mall capacity), lessons at Aureus Academy will electively transit to online lessons. All efforts will be made to ensure that the lessons are transited seamlessly.
  • 06. Make-up Lessons

    In the event lessons are cancelled in advance, lessons can be made up on another day and time with the teacher. Make-up lessons need to be completed within 6 months of the canceled lesson or they are forfeited. If the instructor is unavailable, the customer has the option to make up the lessons with another teacher. Outstanding make-up lessons need to be completed before the 30-day notice period ends, otherwise, they are forfeited. Make-up lessons do not replace paid lessons and cannot extend past the 30-day withdrawal notice.
  • 07. Punctuality

    Students must make an effort to come on time for their lessons. There will be no makeup for any time lost. Strict punctuality is expected of the instructor; however, if the instructor is late, time will be made up accordingly.
  • 08. Termination

    Aureus Academy reserves the right to dismiss any students due to frequent absences, disciplinary reasons, overdue tuition payments, or parental non-compliance with policies and procedures listed here. If a student wishes to terminate lessons, Aureus Academy must be given a 30-day notice via email to your centre, or the deposit will be forfeited.
  • 09. Personal Property

    Aureus Academy does not assume any responsibility for personal property lost, damaged, or left unattended on school premises and in common areas. If Aureus Academy’s materials or goods are damaged by the student, the student/family is responsible for full replacement.
  • 10. Refund

    Aureus Academy has a strict no-refund policy. If you pay for lessons and terminate within the same month, you are entitled to the remaining lessons, but there will be no refund.
  • 11. Official Matters

    All official matters regarding questions, comments, or concerns are to be communicated directly with the Administrative Office. If there are any issues, it is best to communicate with your center through email or by phone. The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these student policies at any time by posting the amended Terms. Your continued enrolment in Aureus Academy constitutes your binding acceptance of such changes to our student policies. Please check these Terms periodically for changes.
  • 12. Liability

    By using our services, the user and all associated parties waive any responsibilities for illness, personal injury, or death on Aureus Group Pte. Ltd. premises. Aureus Group Pte. Ltd. and associated parties are not responsible for any of the above-mentioned nor damage to personal goods.
  • 13. Personal Data

    Our Aureus App gives you full access to your parent account, including your personal details, case management, billing, and schedule. You hereby agree that Aureus Group Pte. Ltd. (or Aureus Academy) may collect, obtain, store, and process your personal data that you provide for considering your feedback or receiving updates, news, promotional and marketing mails or materials. You give your consent to Aureus Group Pte. Ltd. and/or Aureus Academy to:
  • Store and process your personal data.
  • Use provided personal data for the purposes of marketing, promotions, and updates.
  • In addition, your personal data may be transferred to any company within the Aureus Group Pte. Ltd. For updating or correcting such data, you may apply to the Aureus Group Pte. Ltd. to access your personal data stored by the company. Also, Aureus Group Pte. Ltd. may use any photos or videos taken for marketing purposes, including Facebook, Newsletters, Website, brochures, and other mediums of marketing communication. For the avoidance of doubt, Personal Data includes all data defined within the Personal Data Protection Act (2012), including all data you have disclosed to the Company.