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About This Product:

The UX series comprises highly sought-after, limited-edition pieces, with pianos fully handcrafted in Japan using premium materials. Key features of this series include the X-shaped soundboard frame and the internal curved bridge design.

With the 'X' bracing, it creates multiple triangular shapes that is the best shape for stability. This strengthens the structure of the Piano which eventually enhances durability of this series. Internally, through a curved bridge design, the bass strings are much longer than a standard upright piano to optimise the rich and powerful sounds produced.

Hence, down to the material, craftsmanship and technology used for this series, full and rich tones are easily achieved with the greatly improved keyboard response and sensitivity.


Metal Action Rail: Yes
Solid Board Material: Solid Spruce
Back Post: X Style
Tuning Pin: Blued Pin
Key Surface: Acrylic Resin
Hammer: Mahogany
Centre Pedal: Muffler (Sostenuto for UX5)
Music Rack: Normal Upright (Grand Piano for UX5)

What’s Included:

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    Adjustable Piano Bench
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    Heating Rod
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    Delivery Islandwide
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    Tuning Package
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