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With an exquisite craftsmanship, and a full tone, the Palatino S25, is equipped with the best hammer action - Renner Action, it makes every key more sensitive to the pianist touch, a distinguishing factor, between a good and best piano.

Intrinsic quality is shown in the tone. The strong and powerful bass is paired with a bright and clear treble, in fact, the natural transition in the three registers are well articulated without any lingering sound. Despite being only 125cm tall, the Palatino S25 can easily beats other pianos of taller height in performance

“With Renner Action, pianist can achieve a nuanced touch and clarity of tone that enhances their musical interpretation.” Classical Pianist Magazine

What’s Included:

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    Heating Rod
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    Tuning Package
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About Palatino

Discover the timeless elegance of Palatino, where craftsmanship meets heritage. Established in 1886, with over 136 years of piano making excellence, Palatino embodies the essence of tradition and innovation. Named after the oldest hill in Rome, each instrument is meticulously crafted to harmonize with the essence of its surroundings, resonating with a melody that transcends time.

“I hope every performer can steal half a day from Palatino’s piano time and enjoy a sincere and pure beauty.” Francis Costa (founder of Palatino)


Height: 125cm

Width: 61cm

Length: 153cm


Action: German Renner Action

Back Post: 6

Strings: German Roslau Strings

Hammer: British BPA Hammers

Soundboard: Canadian spruce unequal thick wood soundboard  

Pedal Type: Damper, Muffler, Soft

Music Rack: Normal Upright  

Soft-Close Fallboard: Yes

Asked Questions


Any questions? See the FAQ or contact us here!



Q: Where are your Gallery locations?


A: We are located at Forum (the shopping mall), VivoCity and Thomson Plaza.

Q: What are your opening hours?


A: We are open Mondays to Sundays, inclusive of certain public holidays.

Q: Do you accept Trade-In?


A: We can dispose your old piano when you purchase a Piano from us.

Q: Which Piano suits my family?


A: As each piano is slightly different, we highly recommend trying out the Piano to explore more options. Our experienced consultants will assist you during the viewing session.


Q: What Piano brands do you carry?


A: We carry a range of Piano brands; Yamaha, Kawai, Palatino, Samick, and Hupfeld.

Q: Do you have Buy-Back Scheme?


A: Of course! Acoustic pianos bought from us comes with a guaranteed up to 50% cash buyback within 2 years.

Q: What does your warranty cover?


A: We cover both labour and parts in our full warranty.

Q: Do you carry exam model pianos?


A: We have a wide range of ‘exam model’ pianos. These pianos need to have a height of at least 120cm.

Q: Do you have instalment plans?


A: Certainly! We offer 0% interest plan for UOB, OCBC and AMEX credit cards.

Q: Do you sell Drumsets?


A: Certainly! Our digital drumsets are from HAMPBACK, and they come with amplifier too!

Q: Do you offer upgrade options?


A: Yes! Especially for our PALATINO Pianos, it comes with an upgrade option of up to 70% within 2 years.

Q: Does the Piano purchase come with tunings?


A: Absolutely! Reach out to us for the full package.

Q: Do I have to always switch the heating rod on?


A: Yes, please. Due to the humidity levels in Singapore, the heating rod must be always on.

Q: What is an average upright piano’s dimension?


A: 121cm (H) x 61cm (W) x 153cm (L)


Q: Is the rental option only for Aureus students?


A: Nope! Anyone who wish to rent a piano, may approach us to find out more!

Q: What does the rental of the Piano comes with?


A: Heating rod, and an adjustable piano bench.

Q: What if I want to return the instrument?


A: Simply email us at [email protected]
Our team will get in touch with you soonest.

Q: Is there a rent-to-purchase option?


A: Of course, a certain amount of paid rental will be offset against the retail price of the instrument.

Q: Does the rental price inclusive of delivery charges?


A: There will be a one-time payment for 2way delivery.

Q: What does the rental of a Digital Piano comes with?


A: An adaptor and a matching piano bench.

Q: What does the rental of the Drum comes with?


A: A drum kit, a drum throne, a pair of drumsticks, and an amplifier.

Q: Must I tune the instrument with your team?


A: Of course. This way, any issues you may have with the instrument can be feedback to the team immediately.

Q: Can I choose which brand and model to rent?


A: Please share with us your preference, and we will check in the inventory for you.

Q: Is there a minimum period of rental?


A: There is no minimum commitment for renting an instrument with us.


Q: Do you have Piano Tuning services?


A: Yes, our experienced technician can tune your piano.

Q: Do you have any moving services?


A: Yes. Do share with us the locations, and a photo of any staircase / steps (if required).

Q: Any Piano Tuning Packages?


A: Of course. Do reach out to us to find out more!

Q: Do you have repair services?


A: Yes, our technician will do a quick inspection and update you on the quotation.



Reach out to us at any time -we are available at any time to help you with any questions!


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