Hampback ACE970

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$ 3,399 SGD


About This Product:  

HAMPBACK ACE970 is the answer for drummers of all levels wanting a mid-range level kit that simulates the feel of an acoustic drum set. Equipped with tension- adjustable mesh batter heads, rim-shot triggers, acoustic hi-hat style mount, two crashes and a ride cymbal with bell trigger, it gives drummers the sense of playing behind an acoustic drum set.

Sound Module:  

Voices: 556
Drum Kits: 30+50
Songs: 25


Snare: 12" (2 Triggers)
Tom: 10" 10" 12" (2 Triggers)
Kick: 14" (1 Trigger)
Hi-Hat: 12" (2 Triggers)
Crash: 14" (2 Triggers)
Ride: 16" (3 Triggers)

What’s Included:

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    Drum Kit
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    Drum Throne
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    Drum Stick
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