The Ultimate Guide to Summer Camps in Singapore

Discover the best summer camps for this June holiday in Singapore! Learn why a music summer camp is the ideal choice to enrich your child’s skills and creativity.

May 13, 2024



As the June holidays near, Singaporean students eagerly anticipate a break from their school schedules, making it the perfect time for children to explore new areas of learning. Enter Summer Camps—a one-stop solution for parents seeking meaningful activities offering a unique and enriching experience for their children.  

In this blog post, we will explore the various types of camps and highlight an exceptional music summer camp program tailored just for your child. Join us as we discover how these camps can turn your child’s holiday into a break filled with discovery and growth.  

A graphic of a person thinking which activity to choose - language, sports, music or coding.
An Overview of Summer Camp Options in Singapore  

If you are unfamiliar with the variety of summer camps available in Singapore, you are in for a delightful surprise! Camps are available for almost every interest - from music and dance to science, coding, sports, languages, and mindfulness.

These camps offer a chance to explore disciplines not typically covered in the regular academic curriculum. Aside from learning new skills, these camps also play a crucial role in developing independence and enhancing social competencies. As children engage in different settings, they develop essential skills that will aid them in navigating the academic and professional landscapes in Singapore’s future.  


So, What Sets Music Camps Apart?  

As mentioned, Singapore offers various summer camps, from sports to art to coding. Among these options, music camps stand out. These music camps provide an immersive experience for children to explore various instruments and engage in collaborative play.

Music camps also provide an inspiring and supportive environment where children can experiment and take creative risks without the pressure of exams or grades. This freedom encourages them to try new activities, such as drumming!

A child performing on the drums in front of his peers at a music studio.

What Are the Benefits of Music Camps for Children?  

Music camps provide opportunities for children to enhance critical thinking skills by improvisation, develop social skills through collaborative performances, and gain independence. Moreover, these camps encourage the development of emotional intelligence as children express and manage their emotions through music. A study conducted in 2018 found that:  

“Participation in camps has led to improved social and emotional competencies, including teamwork and public speaking.”  

Music camps also highlight collaboration, which is rarely the focus in regular one-to-one music classes. Participants get a chance to work together with their peers, harmonising their talents with those of others. This collaborative atmosphere polishes their musical skills and instils essential life skills like teamwork, communication, and empathy.  

Engaging in these group performances allows children to discover the ups and downs of creating music, offering a richer experience than solo practice could ever provide.

A teacher (right), instructing student (left) how to play the guitar.
How to Choose the Right Music Camp?  

When selecting a music camp in Singapore, evaluate the duration (day camp or overnight), provisions (are meals provided?), and location to ensure it aligns with your child's needs and convenience. Next, it is crucial to determine that instructors are not merely part-time volunteers but qualified professionals with substantial music education experience and mastery of their instruments, as this directly impacts the quality of the camp.  

Additionally, it is important to consider available programs and activities, such as instrumental skills and storytelling, to enhance learning and engagement, along with practical learning materials that can still be reused/ referred to after the camp.  


Why Aureus Summer Camp is the Top Choice for Singaporean Parents  

Choosing the right summer camp in Singapore can profoundly influence your child's development, creativity, and social skills. Aureus Summer Camp stands out in Singapore's landscape of summer programs by providing an unparalleled experience that nurtures these qualities and more. Our camp offers:  

Expert Instructors:

Our faculty comprises highly qualified professionals with years of experience in music performance and education, ensuring that your child receives the best guidance.


Diverse Musical Activities:

Aureus offers a wide range of musical activities - learning a new song daily, unlocking new stories and music tracks, collecting new adventure books and developing creativity through improvisation and composition activities.  

Nurturing Environment:

We pride ourselves on creating an environment where children can safely explore their talents, express their creativity, and build confidence.  

Peer Collaboration:

Encouraging collaboration through ensemble work and group performances, Aureus helps children develop crucial social skills and lifelong friendships.  

Choosing Aureus Summer Camp means offering your child an unforgettable summer experience where they can enhance their musical abilities and flourish personally and socially in a nurturing environment.  

Ready to secure your child a spot for an unforgettable summer of music and learning? Register here before 31 May to take advantage of our early bird discount! Spaces are filling up fast! Don’t miss this chance to watch your child thrive in a community of music and friendship at Aureus Summer Camp. Act now to ensure your child does not miss this incredible opportunity.  


How Do Summer Programs Influence Outcomes for Children and Youth?

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