The Surprising Benefits of Voice Lessons in Singapore

Explore how voice lessons in Singapore boost your child's academics, emotional intelligence, and confidence. Keep reading to discover more benefits!

May 27, 2024



Homegrown talents like JJ Lin and emerging star Nathania Ong bring out the SING in Singapore, don't they? The latter dazzled audiences as Eponine in Les Misérables and will soon grace the stage as Eliza Hamilton in Hamilton, reigniting the passions of Singaporeans and reminding us that our dreams could be within our reach with perseverance and dedicated training - like voice lessons.

Beyond the appeal of a standing ovation, studies shared findings that suggest “several beneficial effects of music on children’s development, such as greater emotional intelligence, academic performance, and prosocial skills.”  

In this article, we will explore some of the benefits of taking voice lessons in Singapore and how you can get started.  

A graphic that shows how singing can boost cognitive abilities.

Enhancing Academic Success Through Voice Lessons  
  • Boost Brain Power

Singing might be the secret to improving school grades - here's why. Research shows that:  

“Musical training also brings about promising far-transfer effects in domains such as verbal intelligence and executive functions and may even lead to better general academic performance.”  

Learning new songs and melodies requires memorising new lyrics and rhythm, cultivating discipline and focus in the learner. These skills are crucial for improving academic studies in Singapore, as they improve a child’s ability to absorb and recall information efficiently.  

  • Mastering Language

As students learn to pronounce lyrics clearly with proper intonation, they sharpen their control over their muscles, leading to clear speech. Regular practice makes them more effective in expressing themselves in everyday and classroom settings in Singapore. A study found that:  

“Music components, such as rhythm and melody perception as well as synchronisation and informal experience of music in a domestic environment, play a main role in language development, mainly in terms of phonological awareness, grammar, prosody, and comprehension, since the early stages of life.”  
  • Academic Achievement

Singing involves memory skills, pattern recognition, and abstract thinking. These are critical in both understanding language and mathematical problem-solving.  

According to a study published by the American Psychological Association, “High schoolers who take music courses score significantly better on exams in certain other subjects, including math and science, than their non-musical peers.”

Thus, incorporating voice lessons into a child's education can boost their academic success in Singapore.  

Build Emotional and Social Intelligence  
  • Elevating Confidence Levels

Children could be shy and self-conscious about singing at any random place - that is where voice lessons come in, offering a safe environment to learn, practice and master singing skills with proper feedback from a mentor.  

As children observe their progress, from hitting high notes accurately to performing entire songs, their self-esteem naturally increases. Regular opportunities for public performances, like recitals, also help children overcome stage fright and build a positive self-image.  

This newfound confidence goes beyond and enriches other aspects of their lives, including school presentations and social interactions in Singapore.  


  • Expressing Emotions  

Emotional exploration and expression are crucial for development and help manage emotions better. A study shared findings that:  

“Performing music has an impressive capacity to promote emotional self-regulation. In this regard, music offered adolescents resources to enhance and restore well-being, making their emotional lives more varied and colourful. Singing music with a strong emotional component led students to improve their attitude and social skills such as teamwork.”  

Moreover, singing about their feelings can help children feel understood, providing emotional relief.  

A music teacher going through learning points from a book with a student.
How to Choose the Right Voice Lessons in Singapore  

An inspiring voice teacher can make all the difference when selecting voice lessons for your child in Singapore. Find a teacher who utilises teaching methods that align with your child's learning style to aid their progress. Additionally, the learning environment plays a part in your child's comfort level and ability to learn effectively.  

Next, explore the variety of voice lessons offered. From classical to contemporary and musical theatre, choosing the right genre aligns with their preferences and goals, enhancing their learning journey and enjoyment.  

How to Get Started  

Now that you understand the benefits of voice lessons and how to select the right ones for your child in Singapore, what is the next step?  

That's right! Book a free trial lesson! A trial lesson is an excellent opportunity for you and your child to meet the potential instructor and explore the music centre. Observe the lesson firsthand to determine if your child is engaged and enjoying the session.  

If the trial checks all the right boxes, you can consider enrolling. Becoming a skilled vocalist is gradual and filled with exciting milestones, so encourage your child to practice diligently and embrace each lesson with a goal in mind. This approach prepares them for their musical journey whilst keeping them excited about future lessons.

A voice student singing her heart out in a music studio.


In Conclusion:  

Voice lessons go far beyond just teaching your child how to sing. They are a gateway to enhanced cognitive skills, making learning new concepts a breeze and boosting academic success. Moreover, singing nurtures confidence and encourages emotional expression, laying the foundation for well-rounded development.

Choosing the best voice lessons in Singapore means looking closely at the teacher’s credentials, their teaching approach, and the learning environment provided. It’s about finding the perfect match to help your child sing and soar to even greater 'high notes'.

Get Started Today:  

Don’t miss this opportunity to nurture your child’s musical talents. Book your free trial now at Aureus Academy and help your child embark on an enriching journey of growth and discovery in singing. Let us unlock their potential and foster a lifelong appreciation for music together.

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