Music Exploration: 1-1 Music Lessons for Toddlers!

In this blog post, we tell you all about what goes on in our Music Exploration lessons and the really engaging teaching methods our teachers employ in this course!

December 13, 2023

Teacher Showcase


Music Exploration is a GREAT way to get your young child started on learning music. This course is especially suited to kiddos between the age of 2.5 years old to 4 years old. Why the specific age range? Well, this is because the Music Exploration lessons are really tailored to suit the cognitive and physical needs of children of this age range, introducing them to musical concepts in a fun and easy way! 

A child in a Music Exploration lesson

So, what happens in a Music Exploration lesson?

Glad you asked! First off, we spend the first 5 minutes of the lesson with a warm-up song. Children need time to adjust to their new environment and the warm up activity is a great way for them to get in the right frame of mind to begin the class. The teacher might sing and play a "hello" song on the ukulele or the piano, and your child will get to sing along! They may also do a fun zumba-esque music and movement activity wherein children mimic a series of movements that their teacher does to a fast and energetic musical piece!

The next part of the lesson is when a child will be introduced to the goal of the lesson. A sample goal might be "to play Baby Shark for mummy by the end of the lesson", "to find all 5 notes on the bells", and more! This gives the child a clear goal to work towards and helps them set their expectations of what's to come.

They then begin the musical activities! This can be in the form of learning about a new percussion instrument, like the handbells, or the xylophone, through a fun musical storytelling activity that involves animals, colours, characters - really, anything that piques a child's imagination! The teacher may incorporate techniques from the Orff or Kodaly school of instruction, which are popular musical teaching methods also used in preschools!

The teacher will switch things up for some variety through another music and movement activity, as we know that our little ones sometimes have a lot of energy! Our music teachers will borrow from the Dalcroze Eurhythmics music teaching playbook, another popular method for teachers of young learners to build motor skills and teach rhythm and beat through naturalising this into the body.

To culminate the lesson, a child will usually learn a simple piece on the percussion instruments and perform this for their parent! This is a fantastic way to develop goal-oriented kids and to build their confidence by consistent performing activities! 

Finally, our teacher will usually have a cool-down "Goodbye" song, and debrief parents on what transpired in the lesson and what progress or milestones their child achieved! 

Get your child started on learning music in a fun and easy way! Book a Music Exploration trial lesson for free at any of our Aureus Academy branches!