Harmony in Voice: The Ultimate Guide to Singing Excellence

Ready to be the next singing sensation in Singapore? Read our comprehensive singing guide and discover your inner songbird!

March 4, 2024



This guide is not just about singing – it is about unlocking the potential of your vocal abilities through voice lessons in Singapore. Every voice is unique and can become a versatile instrument that conveys emotions with proper training.

Singing is a timeless activity that has blessed us with many of our favourite songs. Have you ever sung in the shower, perhaps picturing yourself performing at Singapore’s National Day Parade in front of an imaginary audience? It is an indescribable moment when the audience connects with the singer on stage and feels at “Home” – sometimes being able to sing along to the whole song!

Whether you’re a budding singer or the best of your friends at KTV (Karaoke), we want to help you uncover your inner Queen Elsa or JJ Lin or defy gravity with our guide to singing excellence

A young girl holding a microphone and happily singing.
Grasping the Fundamentals    

Before you start belting out a powerful ballad, build a solid foundation with experienced teachers who can share vocal exercises to develop proper breathing techniques, body and posture awareness, and pitch and stage performance skills. These are vital techniques that will aid you in your singing escapades. Then, put them into practice!

Many singing guides advise that:    

“Personal practice is quality ‘you time’ to get to know your voice – both its strengths and its weaknesses.”    

So, gain a good understanding of the basics and get re-acquainted with your vocal cords in preparation for...    

The Different Genres and Styles    

Music is filled with varying genres like pop, rock and even opera, to name a few. Just in Singapore alone, there are various ethnic genres from different races.    

Find out what genre and style you like to sing and find a teacher who is experienced in that genre and can also help you develop a solid vocal technique. The right teacher can expertly guide you through the genre you have chosen and share tips and tricks to conquer the emotions of a ballad or the technical skills of opera, for example, and help you unlock your true potential.  

Conquering “High” Obstacles    

Holding that last note of a ballad or hitting high notes “without strain” are considered amazing feats in a vocalist’s career. However, one doesn’t reach the top of a mountain without first climbing it.

One article writes that:    

“The ability to hold a note requires a singer to vocalize from their diaphragm. While learning how to sing from your diaphragm may not make you the next Ariana Grande, it will help you achieve better breath control and hit longer notes.”    

To overcome challenges like these, adhere to practical advice from your teachers and perform exercises to develop grit to conquer challenges and reach greater heights in your singing journey.      

Taking Care of Your Voice    

Your voice teachers are probably seasoned performers, so in terms of “maintaining vocal health”, they are the best people to share the knowledge of caring for your most prized instrument – your voice!

Singapore’s humidity levels are ideal as it doesn’t dry out your throat, but that becomes a double-edged sword thanks to the heat or dry out faster in air-conditioned places. Learn the recommended practices like breathing techniques, vocal warm-ups and hydration to sustain and maintain a healthy singing voice.

Just like athletes must warm up and cool down their bodies before their sport, doing the same for your voice will help you condition and maintain your voice in the long run.

Performance Opportunities    

One of the most effective ways to motivate yourself to improve is to participate in a performance where you can showcase your skills and receive constructive feedback. Performing on stage is where you sharpen your skills by combining theory and practical application. Not only do you develop confidence and resilience with each performance, but you also get to hone your vocal skills while facing the daunting aspects of public performances.

Choosing A Music School For YOU    

If you’re keen to take your singing to new heights, consider signing up for voice lessons at Aureus Academy - the leading music school in Singapore! Our classes are held in person and one-on-one to ensure you have the undivided attention of your teacher. Learn what you want from a curriculum tailored specifically to you and at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Because we know your time is precious, we make it easy for you to reschedule and keep things flexible! Did we mention you will get to perform in recitals to practice what you have learnt?

If you’re afraid to commit, don’t be! We offer a FREE trial lesson to ensure you find the best teacher for YOU. When you’re ready, click here to book your free trial at an Aureus Academy branch near you!  



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