Beating Odds: Everything You Need to Know About Drum Lessons

In this blog post, we answer some frequently asked questions and concerns to help you achieve “rhythmic” success in drum lessons in Singapore.

February 26, 2024



Taking drum lessons in Singapore sounds and looks very cool! They are the perfect musical analogy for multi-tasking - you must ensure you play the right sticking patterns while staying on beat. With tutorials and tips readily available on social media or YouTube, more and more people are beginning to pick up drums as a hobby or a profession.    


It is the norm to have worries about picking up drum lessons with thoughts like, “I have bad coordination!” or “My neighbour will hate me!” Especially since most of us live in HDBs in Singapore, where our neighbours might not embrace drumming as much. In this blog post, we want to address some of these issues you might have experienced and explore how to face these drumming dilemmas so you can continue your drum lessons. 

Before we go further, check out this impressive performance of a 6-year-old Singaporean boy performing a drum cover of Metallica's Enter Sandman for inspiration!

Metallica - Enter Sandman Drum Cover Ft. Aythaan Marius (6 years old) - YouTube    

I Have Bad Coordination!   

Maybe you played the drums on Guitar Hero at a video-game cafe in Singapore and discovered... you are super offbeat and secretly decide that drumming is not for you. But nobody starts with perfect coordination. You hone it from diligent practice. But before that, start by familiarizing yourself with your kit. Learn the proper techniques of gripping the drumsticks, hand positioning and simple drumming patterns to help you master the fundamentals.

How Long Should I Practice?    

Just 15 minutes a day, at least, is all you need to improve! As you attend lessons, you gain more confidence as your sense of rhythm develops, and your ability to keep time improves. Eventually, you get accustomed to the beat of things.

Will My Neighbours Find My Drums Noisy?    

There are so many articles about noisy neighbours in Singapore. You might have even experienced it for yourself. So, how do you keep up with practice while being considerate of others? Try investing in an electronic drum kit for quieter practice. You can listen to your performance through headphones, thus making the most out of your practice session without disturbing your neighbours. Alternatively, you could practice in the studios of your music school!    

It Looks Tiring...    

Just like with sports, warming up is essential to preparing your mind and body for the activity. Listen to your body as well – Are you kicking the bass drum harder than you need to? Or perhaps raising your arms a tad higher than usual? Make appropriate adjustments along with stretches and warm-up practices to build up your stamina over time.  

Should I Stick to One Genre?    

Each genre offers different challenges, so try as many as possible to broaden your musical horizons! Picking out elements from different genres and combining them to create something new is essential to “becoming a creative drummer.”    

How Else Can I Improve?    

Mental practice is crucial to improving motor control. A study has shown how:  

Mental practice can improve fine motor control in terms of movement velocity, movement timing, and coordination.”  

Take some time during your commute, or whenever it is best for you, to visualize your drumming technique, timing and expression.    

Is Drumming Only for Boys?    

Of course not! Bandwagon spoke to talented female drummers in Singapore who shared their experiences in the drumming scene. One of them, Jennifer Ng, commented:

“Drumming is generally perceived as a masculine activity – but in recent years there have been more and more female drummers in the scene.”    

Check out this cover of Ed Sheeran’s Bad Habits featuring an aspiring female drummer!    

Bad Habits (Ed Sheeran) - Vera & Eira Lim (youtube.com)    

Are There Music Schools that Offer Drum Lessons?

YES! At Aureus Academy, we offer in-person, one-to-one drum lessons in Singapore. Our highly qualified teachers will guide you on your journey with their wealth of experience and keep you engaged by letting you learn what you want. Find the right teacher for you by booking a trial lesson before enrolment!

It is completely fine to have worries and doubts about learning how to play the drums. Take these challenges as a chance to grow and develop confidence with proper guidance. So, grab your sticks properly and be prepared to beat the odds to achieve rhythmic success!    

Head down to an Aureus Academy branch near you and speak to our friendly staff about booking a FREE trial lesson, or sign up here!    



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