5 Tips to Consider When Choosing Piano Lessons

Have trouble deciding which piano lesson to sign up for in Singapore? We compiled some helpful tips for you! Learn more about them below!

March 11, 2024



It is a well-known fact that Singaporean parents send their children to piano lessons because of the many benefits linked to enhanced cognitive abilities. Learning the piano in Singapore can be a fun and fulfilling hobby. But if you (or your child) are not enjoying the lessons because the class is strict, or you are unsure if there is progress, then piano lessons can become a chore you might not look forward to. You realise the money spent could be better utilised and eventually stop lessons.

So how does one decide whether the piano lessons they are signing up for are satisfactory? Some key points you will want to look out for are, first and foremost, a teacher who inspires you to love and enjoy music and possesses invaluable knowledge and experience, having the flexibility to reschedule lessons because life always has lemons to give, and last but definitely not least; recitals!

In this blog post, we expand more on these tips to aid you in finding the best piano lessons to enjoy in Singapore!    

A piano teacher guiding her student, a young boy on how to play the piano.


1. A Customised Learning Experience    

Everyone has their learning style and preferences. Having a one-to-one lesson provides your teacher with the opportunity to be flexible with their curriculum. Therefore, they can incorporate a tailored lesson plan to help you achieve your goals.

While learning the piano could lead to prestigious certifications like the ABRSM, consider learning the piano for your interests as well - like being able to play a cover of your favourite anime intro, for example.

Of course, that does not mean that you can skip the basics and proper techniques. Your ideal teacher would be able to find a way to keep you engaged and keep things enjoyable as you build a solid foundation. Just like this teacher using Taylor Swift to help her class learn math!    


2. Rescheduling With Ease    

Life gives you lemons, Murphy’s Law. Sometimes, unpredictable events that are out of your control happen on the day of your music lesson. Do you skip your lesson in that scenario? Will there be a makeup lesson? How will you readily find the answers to these questions in your rush to settle the unpredictable event?

In a fast-paced city like Singapore, we need a quick and effective way to solve these questions. And with the advancement of technology, the solution is readily available at our fingertips – a phone app! The ability to access and manage your lesson schedule with ease is something to look out for before signing up for piano lessons.

The best-case scenario would always be for things to go according to plan. But, ensuring you have this option (or app), it makes an excellent counter-course for sourness from Life’s Lemons. You can deal with what you need to and conveniently reschedule your lessons.    


3. Highly Qualified & Experienced Teachers    

Just like job interviews process their applicants before hiring, it is also essential to go over your teacher’s background and working experiences before enrolling for piano lessons with them and determine if your teacher has “solid foundations in theory and practice.”

MoneyDigest suggests to:    

“Look for qualifications such as a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Music, with a specialisation in piano or music education or advanced diplomas or degrees from recognised institutions.”    

Whether the lessons are for you or your child, prioritise finding a music teacher who is well-versed in practice. Only with the prior experience of learning an instrument can knowledge be passed down and taught.    


4. Pleasant & Practical Facilities    

Having a conducive learning environment is also something to look out for. A soundproof studio is ideal so that you can focus on your music without interference. In addition, a clear glass door that blocks all the sound is optimal as you get the silence you need without feeling completely cut off from the world.

A studio should also have ample space to fit a piano, the teacher and the student (and maybe the parent of a young student). Having a clean studio decorated to feel like home adds a personal touch and helps the students feel relaxed and comfortable to learn.

If you do not own a piano at home or lack the space to fit a rented piano, your school might allow you to practice in their studio instead. Although Singapore is a relatively small country, travelling from one end to the other still takes a considerable amount of time. So, look out for music schools nearby and tour the studio to see if you are comfortable with the environment.    

5. Recitals or Performance Opportunities    

Last but not least, what better way to gauge your progress than a public performance to test your newfound (or rediscovered) piano skills? Ensure your school has performance opportunities that could tie into a goal you set for yourself on your musical learning journey.

Aside from seeing how far you have progressed, performing music in public helps develop the confidence to conquer stage fright.

Learn and be inspired by your peers as they each take the stage. Sometimes, there is even an opportunity to perform as a group! Foster a bond and teamwork along the way while also getting the chance to learn about other instruments.

In Conclusion

Now that we have provided these five tips, you can make an informed decision and choose the best piano lessons in Singapore for you. But what if you still feel unsure about the ideal school that meets all the criteria?    


At Aureus Academy, we want to ensure you find the right match for your (or your child’s) learning style. Tour our studios and meet our experienced teachers while you are there! Oh, and did we mention we have performance opportunities as well? Book a free trial lesson with us and embrace learning the piano in a fun way!

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