5 'Bassic' Benefits of Learning Drums in Singapore

Wondering why drum lessons are up and coming in Singapore? Keep reading to discover the benefits of learning to play the drums!

April 1, 2024



It is uncommon for Singaporean parents to send their kids to drum lessons in Singapore, making it a unique skill among peers. However, the art of drumming is not lost on Singaporeans as they are constantly exposed to drumming – from the drum sets performed with a rock band, marching snares by military bands, and traditional drum performances that liven the streets of Singapore during festive periods!  

Drums have an uncanny ability to bring people together during events. Just like providing the beat for the rest of the band to follow, drums can also unite people to groove to the same beat. Playing the drums teaches you to better communicate alongside other benefits like stress relief and improved motor skills. In this article, we will explore the benefits of taking drum lessons in Singapore.    

A young student seated behind a drumset is holding two drum sticks in his hands as he confidently smiles.
Communicate Better  

How does drumming relate to improved communication skills? Aside from precision and skill, drummers must also learn to communicate effectively with their fellow musicians and be able to pick up non-verbal cues.


During drum lessons, students practice active listening when they learn a new drum pattern or song. Teachers would know when students do not understand because it would be evident when they cannot perform. However, this encourages students to speak up when they encounter difficulty early on so they can proceed to work out the best solution with their teacher.  

In performances or recitals, drummers constantly listen and check in with their bandmates non-verbally, picking up on signals if the timing is too fast or slow for the band. However, they must quickly adapt to the changes, especially in live performances when there is no time to think of a solution together.  

The ability to listen, express yourself clearly, be quick to adapt to change, problem solve as a group or independently - all these are valuable skills that promote a more effective way of communication with family or at school or work.  

Stress Relief    

According to a study conducted by a global health firm, nearly 9 out of 10 Singaporeans “reported feeling stressed” in 2023. With the rising costs of living and companies offering little to no work-life balance, the results, although concerning, do not come as a surprise, especially with the competitive nature of Singaporeans.    

One of the tips to cope with stress is taking a musical break. Stepping away for 15 to 30 minutes and letting out your pent-up frustrations on the drums while clocking in your practice hours can be a form of catharsis.    

Cornell Coley, a therapeutic drumming specialist, says,     

“You have to leave the past behind, focus on the present and not worry about the future – that will relieve stress, tension and anxiety.”  

Find a school that keeps drum lessons fun without the added stress of learning exam material and learn your favourite beats instead!  


Burns Calories  

Did you know you could burn off calories just by drumming? When you watch a live performance, the drummer is highly energetic and almost always sweating and hydrating themselves at every chance. Playing the drums increases your heart rate and is a full-body activity that requires movement from your arms and legs.    

Dr Marcus Smith from Chichester University measured the heart rate, among other things, of Clem Burke, the drummer from Blondie and found that:    

“During a performance, his heart averaged between 140 and 150 beats a minute, peaking at 190, levels comparable to other top athletes.”  

He has also added that an hour playing at a concert could “burn between 400 – 600 calories” and that drummers need “extraordinary stamina.” So, if you are not inclined to traditional workouts like jogging, consider sweating it out to the beats of your favourite song in a drum lesson!  


Coordination and Motor Skills  

A study conducted to understand why only a handful of people could “perform complex fine motor tasks with both hands at a similar level of performance” monitored professional drummers and discovered that drummers have a “more complex structure in the brain, called corpus callosum, than non-drummers and professional drumming is associated with a more effective design of the brain’s motor areas.”    

As mentioned earlier, drumming requires all four of your limbs. Instead of mindlessly creating noise by hitting the cymbals or snare drums and kicking the bass drum, you must time your movements precisely, ensuring your rhythm and movements are in sync. With enough time and practice, you eventually get the hang of playing the drums as it becomes second nature.  

Drum lessons make an excellent activity if you are looking to improve your hand-eye coordination and motor skills!  

A female student in a music studio is practicing on a drum set.
Cognitive Benefits  

Last but not least, many studies link learning musical instruments to enhanced cognitive abilities, especially from a young age.  

“Musical education starting early in childhood offers the opportunity to tune and train the brain for important cognitive functions, providing the child with techniques and foundations which will probably serve as a benefit for a lifetime.”  

Drums require focus and attention to detail to concentrate on hitting the right drum with the correct sticking pattern or hitting more than two drums simultaneously. Even the slightest delay can produce an awkward double beat.  

Whether you are processing notes and converting them into rhythms or memorising patterns when you play according to ‘feel’, you put your brain through exercise and sharpen your cognitive abilities.  

In Conclusion 

You can gain benefits like improved communication, coordination and motor skills, stress relief, enhanced cognitive abilities and even burn calories in drum lessons.  

Are you looking for a school in Singapore to begin or resume your musical journey with drums? At Aureus Academy, we offer a free trial lesson so you can enrol with a teacher who matches your learning style! Book a free trial with us now at a centre near you!

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