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March 2022

World Music Therapy Day: Lo-fi Music to Relax to

The 1st of March is World Music Therapy Day! Music has been a part of people’s lives since the early days of civilisation. For many centuries, humans have placed a huge importance on music, and recognised its power to heal. Today is the day to celebrate music therapists around the world, and a day to remind ourselves of the power of music!

What is music therapy?

A relatively new profession, music therapy is an evidence-based method of therapy for reducing stress, improving mood and self-expression, and more. Music therapists use musical interventions such as singing, directed music listening, lyric discussion and adapted instrument lessons to help patients achieve individualised goals. Some patients they work with include those with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, victims of trauma and crisis, and sufferers of chronic pain.

Observing World Music Therapy Day

There are many ways to celebrate this day! If you know any music therapist, thank them for their dedication! Or if you are curious about the field, there’s no better time to read up more on the topic. Otherwise, you can simply engage in musical activities today like listening to your favourite tunes or picking up that old instrument of yours. If you are feeling rather out of touch with music, music lessons are a great way to get back into the groove!

Music to Chill to

To commemorate this meaningful occasion, we will be releasing a series of articles throughout the month with recommendations of music to listen to when you need a mood booster, or simply to unwind! We will be going through different genres for each list, so take your pick and enjoy!

For starters, let’s indulge in some lo-fi hip hop or chillhop music! A downtempo form of music that combines hip hop, jazz and lo-fi elements, it became popular through long-hour “radio” streams on Youtube in the 2010s. This type of music is great for slowing down and focusing your mind, and many people also call it “study music” or “cafe music”.

nawhig – Cloud Nine

First off, here’s a light one, just like its title suggests. With a soothing theme and dreamy jazz piano improvisations, it’s sure to lift the weight off your shoulders!

Jazzinuf – With U

This one feels like strolling on the beach and enjoying the sunset with a glass of something cold. It is perfect after a long day of school or work!

mt. fugitive – breakfast

This track is a breath of fresh air that reminds us to take it slow sometimes.

Charlievvd – Everything I Like

This languid track just makes you want to laze around in the comfort of your bedroom.

Billy Hammer – lazy

If it’s not the weekend yet, this subtle, sunny track might just help you hang in there for a bit longer. 

Grisp – Diner

This atmospheric piece with ambient sounds of a diner truly transports you to the scene. The uplifting flute melody and light guitar strumming feels like a comforting breeze.

Bassti – pure imagination

One of the tracks in a winter EP, this one reminds you of flurries of snow with its dreamy piano lines.

Billy Hammer – silverwood

The last one on the list is an interesting track that blends mandolin, electric guitar, and violin lines perfectly into a dynamic piece with a touch of oriental vibes.

With that, we wish everyone a happy World Music Therapy Day! We hope this little lo-fi playlist has helped to lighten up your mood even for a bit. Don’t forget to thank the music therapists in your life and have a wonderful day filled with music! 

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Xin Min

Xin Min is a content writer at Aureus Group with a passion for all things related to music and the arts. Being in touch with music from a young age, she has grown to enjoy a wide range of musical genres from classical to jazz and musical theatre, and hopes to share the endless charms of music through her writing. When she is not busy typing away in front of a screen, she can be found running her fingers across her piano keys.