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February 2022

Why Take Up Violin Lessons?

There are many paths one can take in the journey of learning music. Firstly, one must choose an instrument, and this decision usually falls into the hands of a parent. If you are a parent looking to send your child for music lessons, why not consider the violin? In this article, we shall explore the different facets of learning this instrument and how violin lessons could be beneficial for your child.

Why the Violin?

The violin is one of the most popular instruments to pick up apart from the piano. It is an indispensable part of the string orchestra and equally charming as a solo instrument. As such, learning the violin opens up more opportunities for a diversified performance experience.

Solo performances help a student boost their confidence and learn how to express their emotions better through music. On the other hand, performing for an ensemble or chamber music is a fantastic outlet for meeting like-minded people who share the same love for music. Not only will such meetings become a source of motivation for a student to further improve their craft, they are also wonderful platforms to forge new friendships and exchange innovative ideas.

Benefits of Violin Lessons

Like learning any instrument, violin lessons offer two types of benefits – the tangible and intangible. Tangible benefits are success stories that you can see. For instance, when you finally get to watch your child play their first piece of music, or when they obtain certificates from music exams.

On the other hand, intangible benefits are inner victories that your child will have. These include development of good character by instilling values like discipline and perseverance. This is especially true for the violin as it has a reputation of having the steepest learning curve among all western instruments.

Not only does learning music help to instill positive values, it also aids in the cognitive development of a child through concentration, problem-solving, and listening. Additionally, playing an instrument helps to build strength and stamina while facilitating motor development through hand-eye coordination.

Violin Lessons at Aureus

While violin lessons at Aureus Academy are specially tailored to cater to each child’s learning needs and musical interest, they generally cover three main aspects. Firstly, there is Technique, which includes posture in playing and bowing techniques. Next, we have the Fundamentals in Music, which comprises music theory, sight-reading skills and aural skills. Lastly, we have Musiciality , which is all about interpreting music through performance.

Our highly-qualified teachers at Aureus are specialised in crafting the best customised lesson plans that suit the needs of your child while allowing him/her to enjoy the learning process.

Teaching Methods We Use

There are many different ways to learn the violin. Some of the popular ones are the Suzuki, Kodaly, and Traditional methods. In a nutshell, the Suzuki method focuses on learning through listening and imitating. The Kodaly method promotes learning through singing and visual memory perceptions. Finally, the Traditional method heavily prioritises technical development of playing the violin such as note reading and finger exercises. However, these methods are not mutually exclusive. Each has their own strengths and at Aureus Academy, our teachers aim to combine these strengths into a customised lesson for your child.

Why Aureus?

At Aureus, we believe that everyone should be able to receive the gift of music. Our teachers are passionate musicians who are dedicated to nurturing the love of music in every child through a unique learning experience. Find out more about our individually-tailored curriculum through a free trial lesson now, and let your child take that first step towards becoming a musician!

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