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December 2021

Why is it Important to Expose Your Toddlers to Music

Many parents with young children, especially those as young as 2 to 3 years old would find ways and means to encourage their children to pick up skills outside of academics. This is due to universally recognised benefits that extracurricular activities can have on a child’s early developmental years in developing skills not normally acquired in the course of their academic studies. With the vast number of enrichment activities available in the market, many parents do face the dilemma of the type of activity that would best suit their child and may find it difficult making a decision on what their child should start off with. As a music educator myself, I would definitely (and naturally) recommend that your child start off with music exploration classes!

Improved Memory & Musical Knowledge

I started off my musical journey when my parents signed me up for music exploration classes when I was 4 years old and even up to now, I am still able to remember what my teacher taught me during my music exploration classes. This is because during these classes, my teacher used to incorporate the concept of learning through play. We would dance and sing as well as colour and draw!

These interactive and engaging activities coupled with the creative materials that my teacher used helped me to develop my memory and thinking skills and allowed me to remember all the foundational musical knowledge which proved to be essential and useful when I took up piano lessons at an older age. These teaching methods that my former teacher used are what I apply now when I teach very young students who attend my music exploration classes and I must say that these pedagogical methods have been very useful in helping to build up my students’ memory and sometimes I would be surprised that some of my students were able to remember some crucial musical terms just because they played a game on it!

Decoding Sounds and Words

Besides just building up a child’s memory and musical knowledge, I find that music exploration classes have benefited my young toddler students by helping them to decode sounds and words and even build up their vocabulary! In addition to that, with the incorporation of dance and movement in my music exploration classes, my students are able to build up their coordination skills by developing both their muscles and their ability to balance.

Emotional Expression

In addition to developing physical coordination skills, music exploration classes are beneficial in teaching children to better express themselves and their feelings. Music is one of the most beautiful and powerful things in life. It connects people together and even affects us emotionally. By going for music exploration classes, students will learn different musical elements that can have an effect on us emotionally, such as dynamic changes and rhythmic patterns. Students will also get the chance to create simple music on their own by playing various percussion instruments such as the xylophone, bells, tambourine and shakers. These experiences will help students learn and enjoy music as a form of creative outlet and expression of their feelings and emotions.

Why Aureus?

The benefits of early music education are endless and as a music educator, I would strongly recommend that you provide the opportunity for your child to experience the wonderful world of music just like many parents who have done so here at Aureus Academy! We believe that your child deserves full attention and so all of our music exploration classes are individually tailored to suit your child’s developmental needs and interests. Do come down for a free trial lesson to let your child experience it for him or herself and I look forward to seeing your child grow physically, emotionally and musically here at Aureus Academy!

Alex Sarabi