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January 2022

What’s an Ideal Age to Start Piano Lessons?

The piano is often the first instrument that comes to mind when choosing an instrument to learn. Not only is the piano highly versatile and easily accessible, it is also one of the easiest instruments to pick up.  When exactly is an ideal age to start piano lessons?

The Earlier the Better

There is a general consensus that children should be exposed to music as early as possible. Studies have shown that learning music encourages cognitive development as it engages the brain in terms of processing sights, sounds, emotions, and memories. Learning an instrument also aids in honing fine motor skills and improving muscle strength and coordination.

Getting an early start on the piano can also be beneficial for the student’s future progress. It is important to build a strong foundation in musical knowledge as well as playing techniques. The best time to do so is when one is young and has all the time and energy to practise! Many adults and teenagers struggle to keep up with practising due to commitments from work and studies. An earlier exposure with sufficient time to ingrain crucial techniques can help in tackling demanding pieces faster, and more easily later on.

Not Too Early

That said, parents should not rush their kids to take up piano lessons when they are too little. We generally don’t recommend for children aged 1-3 years old to start piano lessons yet. Children in this age range may not have developed reading and writing skills, and can have very short attention spans. This can make taking in information from lessons, and learning how to read music rather difficult for them. They may also not have fully developed communication skills to properly receive instructions and provide feedback to their teachers.

Furthermore, starting out on the piano too early may lead to injuries if the child is not physically ready. They may not have enough muscle strength to maintain the proper playing position, or the hand span to play the simplest tunes comfortably. Therefore, the earliest recommended age to start piano lessons is around 4 years old, though it varies from child to child.

A child’s learning capacity usually accelerates at this age, as their brain is rapidly developing. Children are also the most curious at this age, making it the best time for exploring new skills and knowledge. They will be more likely to ask the relevant questions and be more sensitive to the sounds produced by a piano. This will heighten their speed and effectiveness in learning, as curiosity and interest are key motivating factors for improvement.

How to Know Whether My Child is Ready?

At Aureus Academy, we offer free trial lessons for the purpose of helping students determine whether their choice of instrument is for them! Through interactive and engaging musical activities, our professional teachers will assess a child’s interests and readiness for music lessons. They will then provide a course recommendation that is ideal for your child’s age and attention span.

What If My Child is Too Young for Piano Lessons?

In such cases, we have a special music preparatory course called Music Exploration, should parents be eager to let their child begin their exposure to music. In these classes, young learners will eventually be introduced to the piano. When they are ready, our experienced teachers can then help them transition into piano lessons proper. With the guidance of professionals and sufficient practice, any child should be able to play their favourite tunes in no time!

Want to learn more about how music lessons are conducted at Aureus Academy, and whether your child is ready to start piano lessons? Simply sign up for a free trial lesson at any of our centres that is to your convenience here!

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