October 2019

What You Need To Know About Voice Lessons? – By Baek Jongwoo

We are all born with one instrument that is unique, special and one of a kind: our Voice. We use it on a daily basis for talking, singing in the shower, shouting and singing at karaoke. We all agree that we sound perfect in the shower, however, somehow we do not perform as well in karaoke, choirs, churches, etc. I am sure you have wondered if there is a way to quickly improve your singing. That is when Voice Lessons come into the picture. Find out how you can perform just like the singers you admire.Baek Jongwoo - Voice Teacher @ Aureus Academy Eastpoint I will share with you the benefits of Voice Lessons that directly impact your singing, careers, and other aspects of your lives. I will also share the costs, lesson plans, graded exams, and other concerns.

So, Why Voice Lesson?

Exploring the Limits of Your Voice. In Voice Lessons, the teachers are able to determine your voice type and build a student-oriented repertoire to challenge your voice to the next level. There are mainly 6 types of voices: Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, and alto for female voices and Tenor, Baritone, and Bass for male voices. Each voice type has their specific need in terms of technique and repertoire. Voice lessons will tackle those specific needs and make the songs that you have dreamt of singing in public easy to perform! The high notes that we all struggle in become simple and you will not fear them anymore. Confidence. Confidence is one of the reason why many singers fail to perform at their best form. Confidence usually comes with experience and hard work. With consistent improvements in your singing after taking voice lessons, you will receive tons of compliments. It will boost your confidence in both singing and daily life activities. Not only that, in Aureus Academy, we encourage students to perform on stage and this will definitely boost your confidence. Correcting Bad Habits. Over the years, we get self-conscious and tend to build negative habits such as sucking in our stomach, holding our breaths and having bad posture. This is bad for both singing and daily vocal tasks. In Voice Lesson, we tackle all these problems in order to get to the optimal performance of your voice. The use of proven and tested Alexander Technique to correct your posture will improve both your singing and daily vocal tasks. Fixing Tone-Deafness. One of the biggest reason why some fear to come for voice lesson is because of tone-deafness. Tone-deafness is when you are unable to perceive the differences in pitch. This can be easily fixed within 1 or 2 lessons. From my own experience, all of my tone-deaf students were able to fix it within 2 lessons. Now you do not have to worry about singing out of tune! Healthy Voice. With recent haze and Singapore’s love for spicy food, we often lose our voice completely. For karaoke lovers, you may find yourself tired after a long session of singing. All of these activities may be slowly causing permanent damages to your voice. In singing lesson, we give helpful tips on how one can keep their voice healthy. This will prevent tiredness in voice, vocal nodules, vocal strain and vocal overuse. Building one’s career. There are two main ways that we could build your career through taking voice lessons: Exams and improving speaking voice. For children and students, we recommended them to prepare for exams, auditions and competitions where they will get a sense of achievement. The certificates that they receive from exams will positively affect their careers. We also prepare students for various school exams and auditions too. Improving speaking voice is actually one of the biggest reasons to have voice lessons. Many students and working adults suffer from poor voice projection during presentations. This results in having to raise your voice while talking and eventually having a hoarse voice. This can easily be prevented with a proper vocal technique that we address during our voice lessons. It will positively affect your career as you will be heard loud and clear during presentations and work.

What will you learn during the Voice Lesson in order to reap all the benefits stated above?

Firstly, you will learn the optimal singing posture using proven and tested Alexander’s technique. The optimal joint alignments will allow most of the muscles to relax and allow the singer to sing freely. Secondly, you will learn how to vocalize efficiently and sing songs you have only dreamt of singing. Efficient vocalization results in singing without any tension and with minimal effort. Within weeks, you will be able to hear changes in your voice. Then, we will conquer the songs that you only dreamt of singing. With helpful tips from our teachers, you will struggle to find songs that you find difficult. Thirdly, you will learn about music theory, history, diction, languages, literature and musicality. Depending on the repertoire, you will cover all these aspects of singing that will set you apart from any other singer. Singing is not just about having a good voice but the understanding of music as a whole is required in order to bring out the musicality within. Only at Aureus Academy, you will find teachers who are qualified to teach all aspects of singing. Last but not least, you will learn to perform on stage. Unlike other music schools in Singapore, Aureus Academy believes in music performance, appreciation and passion. You are guaranteed of performance opportunities all year round. This will happen in concert halls and performance stages specially set up for you.

What are the types of Voice Lessons we conduct?

We conduct voice lessons for many different genres.
  • Pop: all genres in pop music.
  • Jazz: all genres in jazz music.
  • Musical: both acting and singing.
  • Classical: Opera, Art songs, Oratorio, etc.
We conduct voice lessons specifically tailored to preparing for Graded Exams from Grade 1 Singing to Grade 8 Singing. We also conduct voice lessons for those who want to speak more efficiently. If your voice is always tired or hoarse sounding, we have voice lessons that help to heal your voice and teach you the optimal way of speaking. For all these lessons, we recommend our students to start earliest at the age of 5. Some genres will only be able to be taught for older students in order not to hurt young fragile voices.

With these much benefits, what is the cost of learning singing?

Firstly, you do not have to buy an instrument unlike learning any other instrument. You just need to invest in the voice lessons. There are other costs that may be involved as well such as taking Singing Graded Exams from ABRSM.

Graded Exams: Everything You Need to Know

At Aureus Academy, we recommend our students to take ABRSM Graded Exams for singing. I personally believe that by preparing for exams, my students push themselves to their limits in both singing and musical knowledge. The components of the exam are Performance, Sight Singing and Music Analyzation. Performance includes singing classical, jazz, pop, musical and folk music from memory. Sight-singing requires the student to sing a new song just by looking at the score. Music Analyzation has a few components which test on musical knowledge and understanding. It is a holistic way of testing whether one is an all-rounded musician, which I guide all my students to be. Usually, we will recommend students above 7 years old to start taking the exams. For Grade 1-8 ABRSM Singing Exams, the student is required to sing 3 songs from memory. These songs must vary in style. Also, the student has to perform one unaccompanied traditional song from memory. Then, there are sight-singing, which is singing a new song just by looking at the score, and aural tests, which involves recognizing the tempo, rhythm, melody, dynamics and articulation. For Grade 6-8 ABRSM Singing Exams, you are required to have Grade 5 or above in Music Theory, Practical Musicianship or any solo Jazz subject. The difficulty of songs, sight-singing and aural test vary in each Graded exams. Aureus Academy has an unbeatable record of 99% pass rate for ALL ABRSM exams. Your child is guaranteed a pass when you study with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Singing difficult to learn?

  • A. No! Singing comes naturally as it is the only instrument we are born with. We naturally learn how to use it and voice teachers’ job is to make the usage more efficient. Everyone Can Sing.

Q. How quickly can you learn Singing?

  • A. Unlike any other instrument, you will see improvement from the first lesson. Guaranteed. With proper posture, head-neck alignment and breath support, you will hear a significant difference in your voice. All of these can be learned within one lesson.

Q. How do I motivate my child to sing?

  • A. I believe, except singing, all the other instruments have a specific group of people who are interested. For example, piano requires the student to sit for a long time which is usually for more patient students. Violin requires the student to stand for a long time. For singing, you can be standing, sitting, lying down or even dancing. It caters for ALL different types of people. Our teachers’ job is to find out what kind of learner our student is such as visual, auditory, reading or kinaesthetic. Then, we will adjust our lesson in a fun and engaging way which motivates the student to sing! All of our repertoire will not only challenge the student’s ability but it will be in the best interest of the student.

Q. I want my child to learn how to speak louder and clearer during presentations in school. Can voice lessons help with that?

  • A. Definitely! Voice Lesson is not just for singers but it is for students who want to have a louder and clearer vocal projection during school presentations too! If your children are struggling to project their voice, approach us and we will guide them with the vocal technique and confidence-boosting activities that guarantee changes in their voice.

Q. I am afraid my children are too shy and they may not want 1 to 1 lesson. Do you offer group lessons?

  • A. We offer choir programs here at Aureus Academy. This program may allow students from different ages to come together to sing as one. They learn how to sing and they learn how to interact with each other in a fun and safe environment. After your children have become more comfortable in choir classes, they are always welcome to start their own vocal lessons with us!

How can you start your first Vocal Lesson?

At Aureus Academy, we offer FREE vocal trials. In Vocal Trials, our teachers will analyze your voice and determine your voice type. We will give you a comprehensive guide on what you can take away from future voice lessons. Most importantly, we will teach our students a song that they will get to perform at the end of the trial itself. It may be their first performance but it will definitely not be the last if you enroll with Aureus Academy. Aureus Academy is Singapore’s leading music school with over 10 locations in Singapore and HongKong. We have a 99% pass rate on ABRSM Music Exam as well. With State-of-the-Art school and facilities, professionally trained teachers, and unbeatable passing rate for ABRSM Music Exam, all of our students are guaranteed to improve themselves as a singer and a person. I look forward to seeing you there!

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