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January 2022

What To Expect in a Music Lesson For Adults

‘Music lessons were not as accessible before and not everyone had the chance to pick up an instrument. You may feel that it might be too late for you to start learning an instrument, and for those who had the privilege to pick up music lessons in your early years, you may be wondering, is it too late to pick up where you left off? Perhaps you’re just curious as to how music lessons work. Maybe even want to figure out if you have an ounce of talent for the instrument. Here are some things that you can expect in a music lesson for adults.

Note Reading

Learning how to read notes on the score is a fundamental and an essential part of learning music. With the proper guidance and training, you should be able to pick up any sheet music and play it without problems.

The good news for adult learners is that note reading will be fairly easy to pick up. Unlike children who are already struggling with the alphabet (though we can’t blame them!), adult learners will have a much easier time associating the note names to what we play on the instrument. It will literally be as easy as learning your ABCs!

Proper Techniques on the Instrument

‘Technique’ is the physical aspect of playing an instrument. Without the proper technique, you will find that playing music is an exhausting process with minimal results. An analogous of this will be similar to painting yourself into a corner – picking up the proper techniques will not only save you time but create good playing habits when learning a piece. While playing music is about expression and is essentially a creative process, the proper technique will be what brings those ideas forth.

Aural Skills

Love it or hate it, aural skills or ear-training is something you can expect in a music lesson for adults. Over time, you will hear how the different notes sound together to create harmonies. You will also begin to understand the sounds that you are playing on your instrument. The more you listen to music, the more familiar the sounds of music become. It is also why people with perfect pitch are considered talented; they could listen to a sound and tell you which note was just played!

Fortunately, you do not need to have a good ear to start picking up an instrument or to learn how harmonies work. Aural skills can be trained so anyone can pick that skill up. With enough practice, you can achieve perfect pitch!

Music is in almost every aspect of the society that we live in. Nowadays, music has become so accessible to everyone that it has become inseparable from our daily lives. You hear music everywhere – in your favourite shows, shopping malls, on the streets, etc. So it is not surprising that you may be considering picking up an instrument as a hobby or even as a budding musician – it is never too late!

Still undecided if you would like to pick up an instrument? At Aureus Academy, Singapore’s leading music school, we offer a free trial lesson to adults of any skill level, and we welcome you to have all your burning questions about music answered by us!

Alex Sarabi