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January 2022

What Instruments Should Adults Pick Up?

Ever had dreams of becoming a policeman, firefighter or even a superstar when you were young? If your dream was to become a musician, then you must have envisioned yourself taking up music lessons, going to sell out concert halls or filling stadiums across the globe like big stars such as Adele. You might’ve thought that you missed out on the big opportunity to pick up music to become a music powerhouse. Perhaps even felt that you would never be able to achieve that childhood dream of yours? However, that does not mean that you cannot pick up music as a hobby!

In fact, it is particularly important for older people to engage in hobbies such as going for music lessons and learning a musical instrument so as to stay mentally, socially and physically active. In this article, we explore some of the instruments that mature students should learn to pick up if they would like to engage in a musical hobby.


The piano is perhaps one of the most popular instruments that people would want to learn. Piano lessons are in fact one of the most popular music lessons that our customers at Aureus Academy would choose to take up at our centers! One of the reasons behind that would be due to its versatility in allowing one to play a variety of genres from pop to classical and even jazz as well! Apart from the ability to play and enjoy different types of music, the piano is very useful in helping to improve on your coordination as you would have to play different notes and melodies with each hand, something that shouldn’t be a problem if you are able to type on a computer keyboard!


One of the coolest instruments to learn would be the guitar! Besides just the acoustic guitar, you can also choose from a variety of guitar lessons such as the electric, classical or even bass guitars, with each instrument producing its own unique styles and sounds. Many people including adult learners can master all the basic chords quite quickly. This allows you time to master all the other skills such as strumming and plucking to truly master this instrument. Learning how to play the guitar can also help boost your attention span and memory! You could be that multi-tasker you never knew you were!


Is the guitar too big of an instrument for you to handle? Why not consider its cousin – the ukulele! It is a much smaller instrument and one of the easiest instruments to pick up especially for adult learners. Unlike the guitar, the ukulele only has four strings. It has a considerably thinner neck which is ideal for learners with small hands. The ukulele brightens up your day with its cheerful sound!


If you’ve always known that you were a closet rock star, unleash that by learning how to play the drums! With the drums, you can be as loud and as expressive as you want to be! Not only that, you will also be able to relieve stress, give yourself a confidence boost  and even improve your math skills by counting the beats you’d have to play. It is also a brilliant instrument to play if you want to have a great workout! Both your body and brain would have to coordinate all four of your limbs to master this instrument!

It is never too late for you to start learning an instrument! Interested to take up music lessons for any of the instruments listed in this article? Head down to the number one leading music school in Singapore, Aureus Academy! We provide 1-to-1 music lessons that are catered to your individual learning styles and needs, and performing opportunities that will make your childhood dream of becoming a performing musician come true!

Alex Sarabi