October 2019

What Is Fingerstyle Guitar and How To Play It

A lot of people may wonder, what really sets finger style apart from the other disciplines of guitar playing? Some of us may confuse it with classical guitar playing, which makes it important draw a clear line on what it really is. For us to properly distinguish the form of Fingerstyle, it should essentially be played with our fingers and not by a pick or plectrum. Also, because of how Sungha Jung popularised this technique, we can also say that pop songs played with just guitar is a very strong representation of what it is. Playing it involves advanced techniques, as it requires playing a chord under while the melody is singing. It is also very close to classical guitar technique, as it utilises the right hand fingers to play the required notes. A good example of this is an arrangement of The Police’s hit, Every Breath You Take. The song starts with a riff played by one guitar and it is repeated throughout the verse while the vocalist sings the melody. Now imagine playing that riff, and playing the melody at the same time. That is what Fingerstyle is. While it sounds difficult, a good approach to be able to play this is through learning classical guitar. This will equip you with right hand versatility and left hand positioning. Although this may require a lot of patience and hard work, it sure is rewarding once you get to play your favourite arrangements for fingerstyle guitar! Eager to get started on learning the guitar? Feel free to enrol in our classes at Aureus Academy now!

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