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January 2022

What Happens During Drum Lessons?

Perhaps one encounter with the drums or another has gotten you interested in picking up the instrument? Or perhaps you are still having doubts about signing up for drum lessons? What better way to find out what goes on in a typical drum lesson than to ask a drum teacher?

As a teacher at Aureus Academy, I customise my lessons depending on the level of competency of the student, their physical capabilities and their goals. However, there are certain common topics that should be covered for all drum students. I will be sharing what some of these topics are and how I go about teaching them to my students. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of what you can look forward to learning in a drum lesson!

Important drumming skills / techniques

Some important fundamentals covered in drum lessons include music theory, sight-reading, rudiments, grooves from various genres, and stage performance techniques.

For beginner students, I will usually go through basic groove patterns and drum fills based on rudiments, as well as how to play efficiently using popular drumming techniques. I will also introduce body conditioning techniques to set up the student’s physical abilities for more advanced lessons. This includes building speed and playing loudly with the proper technique and posture to prevent any form of injury.

What will you get to play in drum lessons?

All students regardless of age will begin with a series of basic rock and funk groove patterns. This is so that they can focus on the coordination aspects of drumming before moving on to playing their favourite songs. These will be supplemented by a series of songs from the Rockschool UK Syllabus that highlight different styles and genres. This is so as to expose my students to different eras of pop music and to develop their versatility when playing the instrument.

What can you achieve with drum lessons?

As a mentor figure, my aim is to help my students figure out what options they have, and to help them find and obtain the tools and abilities needed to achieve their personal drumming goals. I facilitate this in a step-by-step fashion while making adjustments to their learning pace along the way.

Ultimately, I would also like my students to create their own unique drumming identity. They can try out a variety of drumming concepts to see what fits best with their personal interests.

Are you still feeling unsure about drum lessons? There is no better way to determine whether the drums are for you than experiencing a drum session yourself! Aureus Academy offers free drum trial lessons where you can try your hand at drumming and find out what lessons are like before signing up!

Alex Sarabi