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Very friendly teacher and great interaction with my kid. Easy to use application for rescheduling of class even at the very last minute. Ken the service staff very patient and helpful in explaining the course before signing up. Teacher Mandy is also very good at handling children, I was pleasently surprised that my very shy kid managed to open up and had fun within the 30mins of trial lesson. highly recommended to try out their trial class.

Alvin Yeo

When I asked my daughter if she wanted to learn to play any musical instrument, she said she wanted to try the violin. Little did I know that she was really into it, until I saw her playing a few notes for the first time.She is still a beginner, but she’s learning a lot thanks to Teacher Joy from Aureus-AMK. I can see that my Joreen is determined to learn more as she enjoys her lesson every week. I am positive that she can be at her best as long as she is with Aureus.

Josallene Christine Villanueva-David

My daughter has been attending piano and violin lessons with teacher Yin Loo at aureus Westgate for more than a month now and we are surprised that she is able to play a song after every lesson! We are heartened to know that she is learning well and glad that she has developed a keen interest in music.

Michelle Low
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