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December 2021

Vera & Eira Lim: The Musical Sister Duo

There is nothing more heartwarming than watching family members who share the same passion in music perform together. We were extremely thrilled to welcome back the charismatic sister duo, Vera and Eira Lim with their incredible cover of Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran! They are both students taking music lessons under Teacher Elmer at Rochester Mall and are always working together to put out amazing pop duet covers on the guitar and drums.

At only the age of 13, Vera is an incredible guitarist who has stunned us time and again with her fingerstyle playing. In fact, she was our Young Artist of the Month for June, and we did an interview with her before about how she rekindled her passion for playing the guitar.

The other star of this musical duo is Vera’s younger sister Eira, a talented drummer who rocks to the beat with great flair at just 7 years old! We had the chance to talk a little more with Eira this time to find out about how she picked up the drums, what her aspirations are, and got a glimpse of the chemistry between the sisters when it comes to making music together!

How old were you when you picked up the drums?
Eira: I picked up the drums when I was 6, just before I started primary school.

Why did you choose to learn the drums?
Eira: Because it is fun! I went for a few trial classes and the drums were the most fun.

You always seem very immersed in your performances. What do you enjoy the most about playing the drums?
Eira: I love that I can play along to my favourite songs without having to turn the volume down! I also get to play with other instruments during my practice!

Do you dream of becoming a professional drummer when you grow up?
Eira: Yes I do! I hope that I will be able to play well.

What is it like forming a little music duo with your sister?
Eira: Happy and exciting!
Vera: It’s really fun actually – we get to jam together with real instruments and not just sing-along! My bandmate is always around for practice and it’s another great activity for sisterly bonding!

Do you help each other with practice at home?
Eira: Yes! Jie Jie likes to point out my mistakes when I play, and I happily return her the favour.
Vera: We tend to practise separately, and come together when we can do our parts well enough.

Will you consider picking up your sister’s instrument one day?
Eira: I already play the guitar and my Jie Jie has been trying to learn the drums from me!
Vera: I am actually in the percussion section of my school’s Symphonic Band so I guess I’ll be dabbling in drums sooner than later. I sometimes hijack Eira’s drumset to try out the more interesting songs that she is working on.

How do you usually pick the songs to perform?
Eira: I just pick songs that I like listening to.
Vera: Yes, we pick songs that we both enjoy listening to. Ideally, also, songs with arrangements that are available online; else, we ask Teacher Elmer for help!

How did you manage to find the arrangement of Bad Habits?
Eira: Our Daddy did it, and he encouraged me to improvise on certain parts of the arrangement.
Vera: Yes! It was Dad who found the respective instrument’s arrangements. He is really resourceful.

You can watch the full performance of Ed Sheeran’s Bad Habits by Vera and Eira, along with many other performances by our talented teachers and students on Aureus Academy’s Youtube channel! Vera also has her own Youtube channel, where she uploads her fingerstyle guitar covers, so be sure to check it out too!

Not sure which instrument to choose after being drawn to both the guitar and drums in Vera and Eira’s mesmerising performance? At Aureus Academy, we believe in letting our students explore all their interests in music instead of having to settle on one instrument or genre. Our flexible lesson model allows for an easy switch between instruments and for pursuing any genre of your choice at any time.

Find out more about our music lessons by reaching out to our programme specialists at 3158 5811 or book a free trial lesson with us now!

Alex Sarabi