October 2019

Ukulele vs. Guitar – Which is Better for Your Child?

Are you thinking of sending your child to guitar or ukulele lessons? Before tackling which one is better for your child, you should first know what a guitar and ukulele is. They are musical instruments that belong to the string family. Both instruments are played by strumming and plucking. However, there are a few differences that play a big role to knowing which suits your child better. First, a guitar has a bigger body than a ukulele. Ideally, instruments should be proportioned to the learner’s physique in order for him to execute proper technique with ease. This also greatly affects the learning experience. Second, a guitar has six strings while a ukulele has four. This means that the width of the guitar’s neck is wider than the ukulele’s. The learner’s finger reach should be considered to avoid muting strings and dead notes, which prevents the learner from delivering the piece or song correctly. Third, you need to consider the available repertoire for the guitar and ukulele respectively. The guitar will easily have more access to almost all the songs available, while the ukulele has limited pitch range, thus making it constricted. Fourth, the guitar has a lower open string tuning while the ukulele has a bright and high, open string tuning. This means that the melodies you will play in the guitar can be true to the song, while the ukulele’s will be an octave or two higher. Fifth, portability wise, the ukulele will be more child-friendly as compared to the guitar. Their weight and size are different from each other , making it something worth considering. Last, but not the least, the chords usually used in pop songs are more friendly to the open chords of the guitar and can be picky for the ukulele. This means that it is less likely to play a song in the ukulele using the original key of the song. To sum it all up, it is more usual for learners aged 4 to 5 to learn the ukulele first to develop reach, finger strength and hand coordination, while kids aged 6 and above have a higher chance of proceeding to the guitar already, with the choice of having half, three-quarter, and full size guitars to choose from. Now that we have tackled the differences that play a huge role between the guitar and the ukulele, have you decided which suits your child better? Find out more about our free trial guitar lessons for children as offered by Aureus Academy.

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