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December 2021

Top Drummers to Aspire to Be

Whether you are a drummer just starting out, or have been taking drum lessons for years, there will always be other musicians out there who inspire you to continue pursuing your musical dreams. As someone who has always aspired to become a great performer as well as an educator, these are some drummers and percussionists that I look up to as my role-models:

Evelyn Glennie

Well-known Scottish female percussionist Evelyn Glennie is my definition of a female icon in drumming. She is a master of many percussion instruments from around the world. Despite being profoundly deaf, she continues to live for her passion in the best way she can, by performing bare-footed in order to feel the music and vibrations better. Outside of her performing career, she is also a renowned educator in percussion. I truly admire her dedication towards music and how being deaf never stopped her from her passions and becoming a successful musician.

Gavin Harrison

Another great drummer whom I look up to is Gavin Harrison. He plays for Porcupine Tree, King Crimson, The Pineapple Thief and is a session drummer for a few other acts. He is very particular about drum tuning, or the sound in which a drum makes. This can be greatly affected by the size of the drumsticks, type of wood or tip, and even the size of the room or stage where the performance is held. I have learnt a lot from him in that respect and it has helped me to become a drummer who is more sensitive to the various sounds I create.


Besides the two mentioned above, there are quite a number of amazing drummers out there that you can look out for, such as Benny Greb, Joey Jordison, Travis Barker, Sarah Thawer, Buddy Rich, Dave Grohl, Phill Collins, Mike Portnoy, Aaron Spears, Sheila E, Scott Johnson, Steve Gadd, Chad Smith and Singapore’s very own female drummer, Crystal J. Kuna.

Do you have what it takes to be a top drummer?

Even if you are not born with a great sense of rhythm, there is nothing to worry about! As a music educator, I have come to realise that while having the talent does give you an easier time when picking up the instrument, there are still many things that require proper coaching. For instance, the ability to read sheet music is a crucial skill for all drummers.

Drummers are often asked to replace another drummer at a gig at the very last minute. In this situation, a drummer would have to drum to songs that they are not familiar with, with only a music sheet as their guide. It would be difficult for a drummer who cannot read sheet music to pull off a performance without prior practice, no matter how talented you are. Besides knowing how to read sheet music, drumming also requires you to understand complicated rhythms, time-signature changes, strokes, rudiments and stick tricks.

A drummer is like the back-bone of a band; your drum beats help to keep the band together during a performance. In order to do so, a drummer has to have a strong musical foundation. Taking up drum lessons is actually a great way to hone all the necessary skills to become a great drummer!

Why Aureus Academy?

At Aureus Academy, we provide drum lessons for all ages, whether you are a young learner just starting out in music, or an adult looking to try out a new exciting hobby! Our teachers are highly qualified and all lessons are individually tailored to match the student’s learning needs and goals. Students can also attend lessons in our state-of-the-art drum studios that are spacious and equipped with proper soundproofing. Want to be the next rising star at the drums? Book a free trial lesson now and experience the thrill of drumming

Alex Sarabi