September 2019

Top 3 Singing Apps To Help Your Voice Shine!

Whether in the shower, in the car or humming melodically wherever you fancy; singing is but a blissful dream. With the right practice, you can go further musically as it’s now easier than ever to improve your vocal prowess with these applications that will help take it to new heights. 1. Singing Vocal Warm-ups – Singer’s Friend Available on iOS for $3.99 This app is a great singing practice app when you don’t have your voice teacher to help you warm-up or if you would like to practice by yourself but don’t know how to play the piano. Singing vocal warm-ups are very important before singing actual songs because they warm-up the muscles in your throat, much like how sports athletes have to warm-up before playing a game! This app has many scales and arpeggios that professionals use and can be transposed according to your voice type – if you’re a low voice like an alto or a baritone, or if you have a high voice like a soprano or a tenor. 2. Vanido Available on iOS This is very good app to help you learn how to sing better in terms of hitting pitches correctly – this singing practice app has a visualizer that will show you if you’re hitting notes too sharp or too flat or just right. It also provides different exercises every day, allowing you more variety. Moreover, it adjusts to your vocal range as well! 3. Red Karaoke Available on iOS and Android This singing practice app allows you access to over 70,000 songs and lets you record your vocals – you can then share your recordings with your friends or with other members of the Red Karaoke community. This allows you to get feedback and constructive criticism from other singers! You can also save the recordings and play them back to yourself for you to determine whether you need to improve some parts of your singing. A unique feature of this app is that you can team up with other users of this app for duets! With all that being said, there are many other singing practice apps out there for you to try and experiment with. Nonetheless, an extremely important aspect of learning how to sing better is to get a very good singing teacher. None of these apps can tell you whether your breathing technique is correct, whether your larynx is too high or your throat needs to open up more – only a singing teacher can do that for you! The good news is, there are very qualified and experienced singing teachers out there – click here to find out more! You might also be interested in: Are You New To Learning Good Singing? Here’s Everything You Need to Know! Essential Singing Techniques Professionals Haven’t Told You What To Eat & What to Avoid For A Good Singing Voice

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