June 2018

Tips & Guide on Guitar Maintenance

To us musicians, our instruments are treated as investments, and it is important that we take good care of it. For guitarists, it is a necessity to take in to consideration that our instrument is made out of wood, and wood reacts to heat, cold, and humidity.

Here are some Guitar Maintenance Tips

  • HUMIDITY CONTROL – To maintain proper humidity level of our instrument, it is highly advisable whenever we are not using our guitars, we keep them inside our hard cases. This is because, hard case makers often use technology that traps proper amount of humidity inside the cases so the wood will not be too wet or too dry.
  • PRANELLA CLOTH – It is one of the usual type of cloths we use to wipe guitars. Especially if you sweat a lot during practice, make sure that you wipe it from time to time. As sweat can oxidize those polishings, which will soon make a cloudy layer in your guitars outer coating. Also, wiping the strings after practice can prevent string rusting.
  • GUITAR POLISH – While there are a lot of products available that will make your guitar shiny, it doesn’t mean that it is healthy for the wood. Some spray solutions can be too strong for our guitars to the point that the polishings are badly affects. Make sure that when applying these solutions, you spray it in a cloth instead of directly pouring it to the guitar, and apply as minimal as you can. Again, remember that shiny guitar doesn’t equate to healthy guitar.
  • ANNUAL GUITAR SET UP – Our guitars deal with huge amount of pressure from the strings, and it is inevitable that the neck may warp a little, and so as the top. These warping of wood may lead to dead frets, buzzing sounds, and other issues; so it is best to regularly have your guitar set up and aligned at your trusted music shops.
  • REPOLISHING – For our guitars that are a bit old already, it is okay to go to a local luthier to have a retouch of the shellac polish it once had. This will make the color of your guitar a bit more alive again.
  • Guitarists must always remember that the more expensive the guitar you get, the more that you need to buy products that help preserve its condition. From cases, to polishing solutions and annual check ups. Not only will it prolong the life of your instrument, but also, it will always be at its best in any performance you are taking it with.

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