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December 2021

Would It Be Hard To Pick Up The Piano As An Adult?

“Can adults enroll in piano lessons?”
“I’m too old to learn the piano!”
“It’s too late for me to learn!”
Hear yourself say this often? These are some common phrases we hear from most parents who have their children enrolled in piano lessons at Aureus Academy. Indeed, it is a widely held belief, especially among adults who had previously undertaken piano lessons in Singapore. Due to the lack of time, many adults feel that it would be too difficult to pick up the piano.

Why Aureus Academy?

One-To-One Lesson Setting

Piano lessons in Singapore have largely moved on from very exam-focused curricula. It is actually a lot easier and dare we say, more fun and exciting for adult learners to pick up the piano, and not difficult at all! This is true especially at Aureus Academy, which was voted no.1 one-to-one music and piano lessons in Singapore.

Customised Lesson Plans & Flexible Rescheduling

At Aureus, adult learners have the opportunity to learn how to play the kind of music they like to listen to – whether it’s Debussy’s Clair De Lune or Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love, our highly qualified teachers can customise piano lessons according to every learner’s interest and pace of learning, regardless of music background or skill level. At the same time, busy working adults can enjoy flexible rescheduling. The Aureus App ensures hassle-free rescheduling, and our flexible rescheduling policy gives you guaranteed replacement lessons with no penalty charges, as long as you reschedule 4 hours in advance.


Being A Grown Up Has Its Perks

There are actually numerous advantages learning the piano as an adult. Firstly, your fingers are longer and thus able to stretch to more notes, which is necessary for a lot of pieces. Secondly, adults’ understanding of musical history, musical genres and cultures make lessons more interesting and easily digestible. Enjoying musical artists would naturally be more sophisticated and informed because of having lived our own colourful lives! All these actually help adults pick up the piano more easily versus those who might have started at a younger age.

In fact, Aureus Academy has a number of young adult and adult learners who are currently experiencing an enjoyable learning journey with their piano lessons!

  It’s never too late to chase your dreams. No matter how old you are or how much musical background you have. Aureus Academy has enjoyable piano lessons in Singapore to cater to all adult learners. We offer a no-obligation complimentary trial lesson before you have to worry about committing! Click here to book your free trial or drop us a call at 3158 5811!

Angela Cortez

Angela is the Senior Director of Sales and Marketing of Aureus Group. She has over a decade of teaching experience for both children and adults and truly believes, as a music graduate herself, that cultivating interest in learners is the key to fruitful musical learning and progress.