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June 2019 School Holiday Music Camp for Kids

Aureus Summer Camp 2019

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Why learn with us?

Unique curriculum

Our curriculum is designed for kids to develop a well-rounded understanding of music, through playing a wide variety of instruments, learning basic music theories, grooving to exciting rhythms and performing in an interactive atmosphere.

World class teachers

All teachers at Aureus Academy are highly qualified to teach, with years of experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in Music or related fields. On top of that, they’re passionate about what they do. We believe that good teachers teach, great teachers inspire. Our teachers aim to inspire your child - inspire curiosity; inspire confidence; inspire a hunger for learning.

Engaging culture

We make lessons fun and engaging so that kids can be inspired, and gain self-confidence from participating in playing and performing together with fellow peers.

Ignite your child’s musical talents

For kids of all ages and musical abilities.

Come join in the fun!

Highlights of this camp

Recommended for current Guitar students, Drum students, Violin Students, and Rock students, participants of Band Jam will have an opportunity to rehearse and perform in a rock band! Students will learn coordination and participation skills and professional stage performance skills from our talented and experienced Band Instructors!

Every day of the camp will feature a popular rock or pop song for the band to rehearse and perform at the culminating concert at the end of each camp day!

Band Jam

Singing students with a knack for belting out Disney songs, Broadway tunes, or even Pop songs can join other talented singers in our Pop Choir ensemble! Participants of Pop Choir will learn how to sing in a group through harmony and ear training, learn new vocal techniques, and learn professional stage presentation skills from our talented Vocal instructors! Furthermore, outstanding singers will get to have solo opportunities!

All Pop Choir participants will perform at the culminating concert at the end of every day of the camp! 

Pop Choir

Pianists of all skill levels will surely have fun playing popular pieces together in our Piano Ensemble! Participants will learn how to coordinate with other players and improve their hearing and musicianship skills! Our talented and experienced Piano Instructors will be assigning each student to a piano part according to their skill level and participants will get to rehearse and participate in the performance segment where all students have the opportunity to showcase to parents and friends what they have learnt throughout the day at the camp!

Piano Ensembles

Each day of the camp will end with a performance segment where all students have the opportunity to showcase to parents and friends what they have learnt throughout the day at the camp!


Similar to the popular TV show, our Aureus Summer Camp Amazing Race will involve several teams solving puzzles, completing tasks, and answering trivia all with a musical twist! The fastest team to complete the whole course will emerge as the champion and win a special prize! 

Amazing Race 

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9.00AM - 3.00PM

Session 2 : 10 - 14 June

Session 3 : 17 - 21 June

Session 4 : 24 - 28 June

Session 1: 3 - 7 June

Join us for an exciting time at Aureus Summer Camp 2019.

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Location of our Summer Camps

United Square

101 Thomson Road


Singapore 307591

Forum The Shopping Mall

583 Orchard Road

#B1-18 & #B1-01/04 

Singapore 238884