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October 2013

Student of the Month – October

Jolene Aureus Academy is proud to announce Jolene Chow Kit Mun as our first Student of the Month! Jolene has been studying Aural Training with Aureus Academy  since July this year. Over the past few months, Jolene has shown a dramatic improvement with her Aural skills and was given Student of the Month for her exceptional performance. Jolene’s passion for music and enthusiasm for learning make her a truly exceptional student. In addition to her excellent work at Aureus Academy, Jolene placed 2nd (Junior Category) overall in the Yamaha Piano Competition 2013! Watch her performance in the video below: Each month, Aureus Academy interviews the awarded student to find out their interests, what music they love, and what they look most forward to learning! Read below about our latest Student of the Month! 1. What have you learned at Aureus Academy? Jolene: I improved my aural skills and learned many new words. I learned the different characteristics of the musical eras and how to tell the difference. 2. What is the most fun part of lessons? Jolene: I love to do sight singing! 3. What is the most challenging part of lessons? Jolene: The most challenging part of lessons is melodic echoing. 4. Who is your favourite composer? Jolene: My favourite composer is Dmitry Kabalevsky. He composed many pieces for young children, and they are very fun and lively. 5. What are you looking forward to learning? Jolene: I wish to learn how to play a second instrument, such as the cello or violin.

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