August 2019

Student Feature: Varsha Krishnamoorthy

Massive congratulations to Varsha on her win at We Sing Pop! an international pop music song contest. In addition to this amazing honour, Varsha gets the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall this summer in June as a part of the Showcase at Stern Concert, dedicated to the 10-year Anniversary of American Protege Competitions. She takes some time off from her busy schedule to share her thoughts with us:

Q1. At what age did you start vocal lessons?  

I started formal Western training the summer of 2015, but have been singing for as long as I can remember.

Q2. How old are you now?


Q3. Was voicyour choice of instrument to learn?  

Yes, because I always had a passion for it.

Q4. Tell us a little about your recent performing experience.

Up until I came to Singapore in 2015, I had not had much performing experience, apart from school talent shows and choir performances. After coming here, I have had the opportunity to perform in many events, such as promotional videos, Christmas performances for the President, and this coming summer I get the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall.

Q5. What do you do when you get nervous before going on a stage? 

When I get nervous back stage, my hands start to shake, and I feel very anxious. To get over this, I usually just take deep breaths, talk to other performers, and do various small things to keep my mind distracted.

Q6. How do you manage your academic work along with vocal practice? 

I have always been good at organization, so I am quite good at managing my time such that I have enough time to spend on both academics and vocal practice/performances. However, I usually prioritize music over academics, because I feel that music is all about opportunities, as a performance opportunity that I have been given may never come again, so I feel obligated to utilize it while it is being offered.

Q7. Who is your favourite composer?

 Beyoncé and/or Fall Out Boy (the band).

Q8. Do you have a favourite singer?


Q9. What have you learned in Aureus Academy? 

I have a variety of things from my time at Aureus. Apart from the practical skills of singing, of which I have learned a huge amount under Ms. Erika’s amazing guidance, I have learned many performance related things like how to deal with parts of a show that are out of my control. I have learned how to put on and perform in a large scale event, and how that is different from a small recital. I have learned what to do in a promotional video and how that changes when the performance is live, and many other lessons that I will carry with me even after my time in Singapore. 

Q10. Tell us something about your voice teacher at Aureus Academy.

My voice teacher, Ms. Erika, has made a huge impact on my life. When I first came to learn from her, I had received no formal Western training, and had only been singing by ear. Ms. Erika helping me get so much better at singing, and I thank her so much for that. Apart from being an outstanding teacher, she has also been a great mentor, and someone I will always look up to. I think our great dynamic and friendship helps me learn from her even better, and I feel so lucky that I was able to find someone so great as Ms. Erika to be my teacher. 

Q11. What are the cons/pros of singing?

For me, singing has had many benefits. Music has always been there for me throughout my life, even at a point when I felt no one else was. Singing has given me an outlet, and a way to express myself when I don’t have any other way to. It clears my head and distracts me whenever I feel stressed. It has also offered me a chance to meet new people and make friends, and has provided many amazing opportunities that I could never have imagined I would be a part of. I, personally, don’t feel like singing has had any costs, as it has always given me something positive. 

Q12. Do you have a short/long term goal(s) for your musical journey?

I have many musical goals that I am currently working toward. I would like to work on my vocal range, and finish Trinity Grade 8 before I graduate. But I would also like to grow as a performer, perhaps joining competitions to get over the nervous emotions I feel before a performance, as well as working on how I convey a songs emotions on stage to an audience.

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