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December 2021

3 Reasons Why You Sound Better Singing In The Shower

Everyone’s a superstar when they are singing in the shower. If you are reading this right now, this is your sign to belt a tune in the shower today! Some kind of magic happens when you step into the bathroom and belt out a tune or two. Your voice transforms into the most luscious and buttery of tones. The sound that travels through seems to transport you to the centerstage of a concert on an international stage. Simply put, we feel like an absolute diva and superstar in the shower blessing (or not) our neighbours’ ears. Wonderful things aside, aren’t you curious as to why we sound better singing in the shower? Here are three reasons why!

Science Says…

Singing in the shower makes your voice sound remarkably better. Science says yes! All thanks to the unique acoustics of the restroom. The secret is in its construction. Most showers are made with ceramic tiles and surrounded by glass partitions, these materials absorb close to no sound. When your voice isn’t absorbed, it bounces around – thanks to the close proximity of the ceramic and glass shower walls. All that back-and-forth adds up and gives your voice more power and volume. Are you ready for a lesson in physics? According to, it first impacts the volume of your voice. This happens because the hard and smooth surfaces of your bathroom reflect sound much better. The sound moves back and forth between the walls of the shower and doesn’t fade away as quickly as they would in an open space. This is why your voice seems as powerful as Adele’s when you’re saying hello from the other side of the shower. Go on, belt it out, don’t be shy. Secondly, the sounds will continue to bounce around your shower. Some sounds travel farther than others. This effect is known as reverb. It is why your voice seems to echo and linger a little longer while you’re singing between shampooing and conditioning. Lastly, your shower also acts as what is known as a resonant cavity. This means that your shower will naturally amplify certain sound frequencies. It’s like the shower is turning your bass notes all the way up, and why your voice sounds so rich and full in the shower.

Steaming Up Your Vocals

In or out of tune, the shower is the perfect place to flex your musical muscles. The steam and vapours from the shower naturally loosen your larynx. This allows your voice to be all warmed up and ready to roll for a full 20-minute live concert. Turns out, being in the shower triggers your brain to release the feel-good hormone dopamine! This feel-good feeling helps soothe nerves and lifts spirits. This stress-free feeling causes us to want to release emotion – the perfect condition and location to break into a song!

No Stress

Naturally, when you begin to sing, the breathing you put into it gets more oxygen into the bloodstream. That feeling you get when you take a deep breath? You get some of the same relaxation and mind-clearing benefits as meditation. Another thing we love is that when you’re singing, you really can’t think about your problems. You also don’t stress over how you are singing your favourite song. Everyone sings like Beyoncé and Ariana Grande in the shower. No stress, no problems!

Surprising Solutions

You’re in for another surprise fun fact about spending time in the shower! Creativity is triggered by a few key factors. Our short, sweet time singing in the shower activates everything at once! You’re in a warm, small, safe environment. Stress literally washes off you. Then a sudden moment of clarity mid-shower hits you. Suddenly, you figured life out. The answer to a tricky problem that you’ve been trying to solve since forever. The next marketing tactic to tackle, or a spanking new blog topic to write about? I know I’m not alone! You may not realize but we go on autopilot during a shower. We’re not concentrating too hard on the tasks at hand. Our minds are free to wander off and come back with brilliant, creative solutions to all of life’s problems. Bet you don’t feel so bad about all those super long showers now, do you? Go ahead, break into song and dance! Imagine yourself belting out to Umbrella by Rihanna under the rain shower. The shower is your stage and your neighbours are your super fans. Looking for a voice teacher outside of the shower? Look no further than Aureus Academy, Singapore’s leading music school. Sign up for a free trial and learn how you can recreate that shower superstar scene in the classroom or on stage!

Alex Sarabi