July 2019

Practice Booking for Upcoming ABRSM Practical Exams

Aureus Academy is one of the few official examination centres for ABRSM practical exams. As the 2016 Practical Session approaches, we are offering THREE complimentary booking sessions for our students to practise on the exam piano and familiarise with the exam environment. This will be useful on the exam day itself to minimise nervousness and deliver their best performance.

To secure a practise session at either the Rochester Mall branch or Forum branch, please approach any of our administrators at the branches to find out more about the time slots.

Please take note that the examinations fall between 16 February – 24 March (subject to minor change) and our bookings is a first-come-first-served basis arrangement. Hence we highly recommend you to make bookings in advance.

For non-Aureus students, bookings are available for the following rates:
  • $60/hr + GST for Grade 1-8 exam room
  • $120/hr + GST for diploma level exam room (grand piano)
  • No weekend bookings allowed

Aureus Academy