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November 2020

Piano Lessons for Beginners – A Checklist

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Looking for piano lessons for beginners can be a daunting process for parents. With a plethora of  music teachers, schools, and programs all over Singapore, it is no surprise that parents are often  overwhelmed. Hence, this blog aims to guide parents in their search for piano lessons for their  young children.  

The piano teacher is debatably the most important factor when it comes to enrolling a child for  piano lessons. Teachers are the role-models for their students — they must walk the walk and talk  the talk. They inspire, encourage, impart knowledge, support, motivate, and the list goes on. Not  only should the piano teacher be good at performing the piano, but the teacher should also be great  at teaching as well. The teacher should be able to connect and communicate clearly, and build a  long-lasting relationship with the young student. At Aureus Academy, our teachers are all of that,  and more! Teachers at Aureus Academy are fantastic with young children, have a fun and energetic  personality, yet patient and kind, have extensive knowledge in music and their instrument, and are  highly trained professionals with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in music.  

Individual or group lessons are the most common medium of instruction for beginner piano lessons.  Students in group classes enjoy the benefit of having social interactions with others, and they love  the companionship of learning alongside their peers. While all the students in the group class may be  beginners, each student is unique and they each progress at a different rate. As a teacher who has  taught group piano classes at the collegiate level, I can attest that it is often challenging to find the  perfect pacing for the group class. Fast learners get bored quickly when the material is repeated or is  too easy for them, while students who need more time to master a certain concept or technique may  fall behind if the class moves ahead too quickly. At Aureus Academy, we believe that individual  lessons are the best option for piano lessons for beginners, especially for young children. Individual  lessons allow teachers to personalize and tailor their instruction to meet the needs of the student,  and the student gets the full attention of the teacher throughout the entire lesson.  

Individual piano lessons also provide flexibility to both the student and teacher in terms of content  or course material. Piano lessons for beginners are often presented in several ways, such as  popular/contemporary piano classes, jazz or classical music classes, play-by-ear courses among others. The beauty of having one-on-one piano classes at  Aureus Academy is that the teacher could easily change their lesson plans should the student at any  time decide that they want to pursue a certain genre of music, or learn the skill to play by ear.  

While there are plenty of courses (as mentioned above) for parents and teachers to choose from,  piano lessons for beginners should always include fundamental techniques of playing the piano. My 

goals as a teacher are to instill a lifelong passion and love for music making in my students, as well as  for them to achieve excellence in music making at all levels. To achieve these goals, all my students  begin developing their technique right from their initial trial lesson. Although technical work is  essential for longevity and for being able to play literally any piece of music on the piano, practicing  technique is often boring, repetitive, and mechanical. This is why parents should look for teachers  who are creative, engaging, and inspiring.  

At Aureus Academy, piano lessons are taught in a fun, yet effective manner. Fun activities, such as  balancing a soft plush toy or a paper cup on the student’s head help achieve a proper sitting position  that is ideal for piano playing. Imagining a bubble or an egg in the student’s palms also helps them  achieve a natural, rounded hand shape. Students enjoy the challenge of not bursting the bubble —  this prevents them from collapsing and playing with very low wrists. Other engaging activities, such  as rhythm games, singing, clapping, story-telling, dancing or moving to the beat of the music,  develops fundamental elements of music making in young beginners.  

The current global pandemic has dawned upon us a new medium of learning — online lessons.  While piano lessons at Aureus Academy have returned to in-person (with strict standard operating  procedures in place, such as temperature taking, using hand sanitizers, sanitizing of instruments and  frequent touch points, and social distancing), parents also have the option of choosing online lessons  should they feel uneasy or wary of in-person lessons. Although nothing beats the experience of  having in-person lessons, online learning has proven to be as effective as in-person classes. As long  as both the student and teacher have good internet connection, the online lesson is seamless and  flows as if it were in-person. For very young students, parents are encouraged to participate and  supervise their children during online lessons.  

When it comes to choosing a particular music center or school, there are a few things that parents  should consider. The first is the location of the school or center. Fortunately, Aureus Academy has  branches strategically located all over Singapore — From north to south and east to west, there is an  Aureus Academy that is likely very near to you. However, If traveling to the lesson is time  consuming and inconvenient, fret not. Parents can opt for at-home lessons with the Aureus@home  program, where a traveling piano teacher will teach the lesson at the student’s home. However, note  that this is a premium service and it often costs higher than regular lessons at the center.  

Last but not least, parents should also consider the facilities and other services provided by the  school. For instance, at Aureus Academy, students take lessons in state-of-the-art facilities, which  include high quality instruments and equipment, as well as recital halls that host performances,  recitals and masterclasses. At Aureus Academy, we believe that it is  important for students to share their love for music, as well as their hard work and dedication in  learning to play the piano. As such, teachers at Aureus Academy often host recitals and performance  opportunities for all their students, regardless of whether they are beginners or advanced pianists. 

Parents of young beginners also need not look any further if they are in need of an instrument as  Aureus Academy provides rental services at affordable and competitive rates!  

If you are a parent and you still have concerns, worries, or questions about piano lessons for  beginners, fret not! Book a trial lesson with a teacher and see for yourself a sample of what lessons  will be like when you sign up for lessons with the teacher. At Aureus Academy, trial piano lessons  for beginners are free-of-charge. Simply drop by or give us a call and our amazing team of customer  service executives will help you schedule the free 30-minute trial piano lesson and pair your child  with a teacher that fits your needs and schedule. During the trial lesson, the teacher will (through  various musical activities) teach and assess your child’s musical abilities. The trial lesson also allows  the teacher to carefully plan for future lessons with the child based on his/her interests, needs, and  goals. At the end of the trial lesson, parents will receive professional feedback about the child’s  progress, advice about lesson duration, and suggestions for books or course material. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Copywriter, Aureus Group