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October 2021

Perks of Having an Instrument at Home

The ongoing pandemic these past two years has pushed all of us to stay within the walls of our homes more often than not. While some may enjoy the comforts of being at home, others may find spending long stretches of time stuck in an enclosed space rather frustrating. If you find yourself being described as the latter, we have a suggestion on how you can turn this gloomy period of uncertainty into something more bearable, if not fulfilling. All you need is a musical instrument!

Feeling a sense of accomplishment

Instead of spending hours binge-watching the latest TV series, or scrolling endlessly through social media feeds, why not immerse yourself in the therapeutic nature of creating music?

There are many benefits that come with playing an instrument, even just as a form of leisure. One of which is the feeling of accomplishment when you get a piece right from start to end! Even if you are not planning to learn a musical instrument for the qualifications, music and performing are things that anyone can enjoy. Picking up music is as easy as 1-2-3 when you sign up for online lessons at Aureus Academy! With interactive and engaging online lessons that are streamed live and in real-time with your music teacher, you will be jamming to your favourite tunes in no time.

Of course, excelling in anything requires some amount of effort and patience, and it is no secret that learning an instrument takes time. However, since it is inevitable that social activities have to be minimised during this current period, why not chase away any feelings of loneliness by gaining a new skill? Nothing beats feeling a sense of accomplishment when you showcase the piece you have been working on to your family and friends!

Strengthening bonds with your loved ones

With home based-learning and working from home becoming the default, parents will find it challenging to keep their children busy and engaged at home, especially if their child is a very active one. If you are facing this issue, perhaps a brand new musical instrument could just do the trick!

Music learning has been proven to have many positive effects on a child’s development, and in addition to that, it could lift the moods of everyone at home and stimulate your child’s creative juices! Music is a great outlet for expressing oneself and a useful tool to encourage young children to display their emotions without restraint or fear of judgement. Share your own favourite tunes with your child, or indulge them by playing some of theirs, and these little musical moments may just become something they will cherish in years to come.

You don’t necessarily have to go to great lengths to invest in an expensive instrument like a piano. A digital piano would be perfect for an interactive and enriching home-based activity. There are many easy-to-follow tutorials online that will teach you how to recognise the keys and play simple tunes. Just learning these basics would be sufficient in helping you engage your child for hours!

Attend music lessons online!

With new restrictions that have barred most physical enrichment classes from continuing, perhaps you may be expecting music lessons to likewise be temporarily halted. However, at Aureus Academy, we offer a smooth transition to online lessons in periods of heightened measures. As we understand the importance of consistent learning when it comes to music, students can continue to pursue their passion in music despite the circumstances. For new music learners with an instrument at home, it is possible that you CAN learn how to play an instrument through our online lessons at Aureus Academy. In fact, we have many beginner students located outside of Singapore who have enrolled in our online music lessons!

As such, having an instrument at home is beneficial for the continuation of lessons to hone the student’s skills. Learning how to play an instrument well has a lot to do with muscle memory, and not being in touch with it for long periods of time could potentially undo all the progress a student has made. You would be surprised by how much a week away from playing could affect the performance and confidence of a musician who has been at it for years. Additionally, having one’s musical progress stagnate could greatly reduce the motivation to go back to playing regularly again in future. By owning an instrument at home, music lessons and practice can continue as per normal albeit in a different format, to ensure that the student’s learning progress will not be impeded.

More practice time

Besides just being able to continue attending music lessons from home, with an instrument readily accessible and the extra time at home now, you can incorporate more practice time in your day-to-day life!

Many underestimate the importance of consistent practice, but the saying “practice makes perfect” never fails to ring true. Attending 30-45 minute lessons weekly and only playing during that time is insufficient if you wish to improve your skills effectively and quickly. It is recommended that you revise whatever that you have gone through during your lesson on your own at home so that you are ready for a new set of learning goals in the following lesson. This is so that you can avoid utilising precious lesson time to re-correct your old mistakes and instead, learn new techniques and musical ideas.


For centuries, creating music has been a common leisurely activity within households and played an important role in fostering bonds between members of the family. As we do our part to keep everyone safe by staying at home, consider getting a musical instrument so that the time spent at home with your loved ones can be musically memorable and meaningful!

Aureus Pianos offers a wide selection of quality pianos and digital drums for purchase, plus affordable monthly rental packages to cater to your needs! Feel free to reach out to our friendly specialists at 3165 0094 to find out more!

Alex Sarabi