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December 2021

Why are Performing Opportunities Important?

Consistently attending lessons at a music school and following up with practice at home are important for a student’s progress in learning an instrument. Yet some students may start to wonder after some time – what comes after that? This is especially so if the student is not looking to take any graded exams. Often, being stuck in a routine with no tangible goal in sight may cause a learner to lose a sense of purpose.

This is where having performing opportunities can alter one’s music learning experience entirely! What are some benefits of performing, and why it is a crucial component of music education for all aspiring musicians? Find out below!

Providing the Drive for Continuous Learning

Those who pick up an instrument are likely putting in all the hours of practising in hopes of playing for someone one day. Performing opportunities are not only a natural part of learning how to become a musician and performer, they also become something to look forward to on a regular basis.

Picking Up Important Skills

With a performance date in sight, the student will be more motivated to work hard to show their best on stage. Furthermore, a huge part of performing involves all the preparatory work that comes before. During this process, students will be able to pick up many crucial skills that will be helpful in their musical journey. This includes learning how to come up with an effective practice routine for themselves and developing a sense of self-discipline.

Gaining Confidence as a Musician

Some students may feel nervous or pressured when it comes to performing in front of a crowd. A great way to tackle this is to constantly gain exposure to performing. What better time to step out of your comfort zone than when you are a student? Performing opportunities will provide students with the platform to overcome their fear of playing in front of an audience at their own pace and gain more confidence in their playing. After years of honing their skills, the student will be equipped to shine when they step onto the professional stage.

Additional Platform for Learning

Performing opportunities like group recitals organised by a music school also provide an extra learning platform. At these events, students can pick up ways to improve their technique and musical expressions. Motivating them to better at their craft from watching other learners perform.

Feeling a Sense of Achievement

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that all your hard work has paid off. Listen to the resounding applause! Each successful performance is another milestone achieved. These little checkpoints in a student’s learning journey might just be what keeps them going for many years to come.

At Aureus Academy, Singapore’s leading music school, we believe that performing is one of the most important skills a musician requires. As such, we provide performing opportunities for all our students, holding regular recitals that allow students to perform a wide range of musical genres from classical to pop and rock. Book a free trial lesson now and embark on your exciting journey to becoming the next concert musician or rockstar!

Alex Sarabi