June 2018

Must have accessories for Guitarists!

Guitarists know that we supplement our beloved instrument through various accessories. Some of them may improve our instrument aesthetically, and some of it can aid in our actual playing performance. So let’s talk about all the essential add-ons most guitarists have in their gig bags! INSIDE YOUR GIG BAG SET OF STRINGS It can always be handy that we have spare strings of the same gauge in our gig bags. We will never know, one string can snap off even if it’s new! GUITAR PICKS Picks can come in different widths and having 2 of thin, medium, and thick picks with you will make you ready if you are playing a wide variety of styles in the guitar. GUITAR TUNER One of the most essential accessories we need is the tuner! Especially if you are recording or performing live with your band. You need to make sure you are all in the same frequency so better put this on the must-have list! GUITAR STRAP Imagine playing in a rock and roll band with your classmates and doing a performance where you are all seated in chairs because… you all didn’t get your guitar straps. This is a necessity for players who constantly do live performances. So if you are one of them, better make sure you have this! GUITAR CABLE (For guitars with pick up mics) Some practice studios have spare cables, but having your own along with you can save you from grounded wires and buzzing noises. FOOT STOOL (for classical guitarists) This is the one, if not the most, essential accessory for classical guitarists. Make sure that you get the foot stool that has the right leveling for your height. Other foot stools can still be too low despite setting it at the maximum height possible. AT HOME METRONOME Being able to play the rhythm is one thing, but being able to play consistently in time is a whole different thing. Training your pulse and consistency can be difficult at first, but using a metronome will help you keep track if you are dragging or speeding up. Make sure you get one! MUSIC STAND Putting your music sheet flat on the table can make it a tad bit difficult to read, so here comes the music stand to rescue you and give you a little angled view on your sheet. It can also be helpful as most music stands have paper stoppers to prevent it from flying or turning; in case a fan is on or the wind blows! At the end of the day, accessories are here to help us in our performances and practice. Let us maximize their use and unleash our potential!  

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