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December 2021

Music Lessons with Private Teacher or Music School?

You have finally decided on taking up music lessons in the new year. Now, the all-important questions remains: Taking lessons from a private music teacher? Or to enroll for lessons at a music school?

There are many factors to consider when choosing between private music lessons or taking lessons at a music school. With my experience, let me shed some light to help you in your decision-making process.

Private Music Lessons

Pro: One-To-One Lessons

Parents usually look for private teachers when looking for music lessons for their children as the teacher would be able to place their full attention into crafting lessons that would best suit the child’s learning pace and needs. As compared to music schools in Singapore that often offer group classes where the teacher would use a one-for-all teaching approach and have their attention divided among multiple students, the learning progress of a child is better ensured in a private, one-to-one setting.

Con: No Proper Facilities and Equipment

However, there are many limitations in having music lessons with a private teacher. One of them is the lack of proper facilities for students. Most private music lessons take place at the teacher’s or student’s home. Chances are that some resources and equipment may not be readily available. The home setting creates a less than ideal learning environment. It may not be as conducive due to the distractions or interruptions. Even with a dedicated room for the music lesson to take place, the room may not have proper soundproofing. As such, students may still experience difficulties focusing during lessons, affecting their learning experience.

Con: Teacher-Student Incompatibility

Another challenge that comes with opting for private lessons is the search for the perfect teacher. It is not easy to match the student’s personality and learning style with the right teacher. Students will most likely stick with the same teacher for years, even if they discover that they no longer enjoy lessons or are making slow progress. For private lessons, it is not as practical and and rather costly to switch teachers.

Con: No Full Access To The Musical Learning Experience

Another issue that comes with hiring private teachers is the lack of assurance in their teaching competency or qualifications. Lastly, students may not have access to special performance opportunities if they are learning from private teachers, which means that they may not be exposed to the full music learning experience.


Music Lessons in Music Schools

Attending lessons at a music school provides benefits that can overcome the above-mentioned issues one might face with a private teacher. Let us take a look at music schools in Singapore like Aureus Academy. 

Pro: State-Of-The-Art Facilities

They aim to provide a conducive learning environment, like investing in soundproofing for music studios. Aureus Academy also provides state-of-the-art facilities and performance opportunities to ensure that students can get the best learning experience. This allows the students to be able to fully develop their confidence and musicianship.

Pro: Quality Assurance

Taking lessons at a music school would that the teachers’ teaching capabilities are assured. Hiring processes for music teachers are strict. At Aureus Academy, Singapore’s leading music school, the teachers are highly qualified professional musicians. Armed with musical knowledge and performance experiences, they are passionate and eager to educate the next generation of musicians.

Pro: One-To-One Lessons

While it is understandable that parents may be apprehensive towards group music lessons, there are music schools in Singapore that provide the best of both worlds by offering one-to-one lessons. Besides the facilities and quality teaching, Aureus Academy prides itself on offering specially tailored one-to-one lessons that can cater to students of all ages and abilities.

Pro: Going Above And Beyond 

Beyond the scope of providing enriching lessons, we also highly value customer experience at Aureus. Students enrolled at Aureus Academy can learn different instruments from different teachers depending on their interests and needs. In fact, we encourage our students to try out different instruments and genres in music, and we have multi-talented teachers who are skilled in more than one instrument or genre. Furthermore, Aureus Academy has a flexible scheduling system so our students can choose to book for lessons with different teachers.

If you want the full musical learning experience, enrolling in a music school may just be your best choice. Not sure if enrolling in a music school is something you would like? Attend a free trial lesson to find out if Aureus Academy is the school for you! Book your free trial lesson now and be on your way to embarking on an enriching musical journey!

Zac Loh

Zac is a passionate violinist and music educator. During his career as a performer, he has been featured in various chamber and orchestral music productions and participated in a concert series held by the Elder Conservatorium of Music. One of his memorable achievements include instrumental conducting in productions held at Bishop Hall, Adelaide. He also has many years of teaching under his belt and enjoys sharing his expertise and love for music with students through enriching and fulfilling lessons.