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June 2021

Why Music Lessons Make You Happier

Does music really make you happier? “If you want to keep your brain engaged throughout the aging process, listening or playing music is a great tool. It provides a total brain workout.” (source: Keep Your Brain Young with Music, Johns Hopkins Medicine) We know all about the benefits of what listening to music can do for everyone, or that having music lessons for children is a great way to develop and improve their cognitive and psychomotor skills. (source: Assessment of music achievements in the areas of cognitive, affective and psychomotor development, Barbara Sicherl-Kafol, 2001)

I chanced upon Pegasus, an online magazine of the University of Central Florida (UCF). One of its most popular courses was about ‘Music and the Brain’. Taught by two UCF professors — neuroscientist Kiminobu Sugaya and world-renowned violinist Ayako Yonetani. It is about how our brains respond to music. On the website, it was broken down into an interactive session that got me agreeing that music does make us happier, healthier and smarter!

Music Makes You Happier

You feel the same when you hear some songs too, don’t you? Studies show that listening to music can, in turn, benefit one’s overall well-being. It helps to regulate emotions, and reduce stress levels in the day to day. Go ahead and play your child’s favorite song. Watch their eyes (and their brain) light up – the study from UCF shows that different parts of the brain will light up associating emotional memories to the music. In fact, a study by Yuna L Ferguson & Kennon M Sheldon even suggests that you can successfully improve your mood and overall happiness in just two weeks!

Music Keeps You Healthier

Experiencing another bout of insomnia because you cannot seem to fall asleep? A study from one of the leading global nursing research teams proves that by playing some light, peaceful instrumental music to help you sleep better! Studies from Biology of Sport also suggest that music can enhance exercise, boost our mental and physical stimulation, and increase overall performance while using oxygen efficiently during workouts with higher intensity.

Music Makes You Smarter

Musicians and music lovers alike use music to help focus and learn faster. (source: PLoS one, 2010).  A few friends of mine back in college find that music helps them in examinations. They memorize examination preparation notes to their favourite songs and it worked for them! A Stanford study was done in 2015, showing that music engages particular areas of the brain. Most of which are involved with paying attention, making predictions and updating events in our memory.

Music Benefits Young Children

Lastly, by actively participating during music lessons, it improves the way children process speech and score reading. As a result, more families are beginning to search for the best music school for kids or to find out the best ages for their child to begin their musical learning journey.

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Alex Sarabi