Acquiring Musical Skills • Music Exploration

May 2021

Music Exploration: Your child’s first step into musical learning!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Lang Lang. Stevie Wonder. You know these names because they are world renowned musicians! However, did you know that they are also child prodigies? Learning to play at a tender age of two, or performing publicly at the amazing age of five. As a result, they went on to inspire millions of other musicians and artists – young and old! So, you must also be wondering how to get a head start on cultivating the love and passion for music in your preschooler. I’ve had the chance to attend a few of these music classes at Aureus Academy, Singapore’s leading music school for children, to understand why there is a growing need of parents everywhere for a head start into musical learning journey for young children.

What is Music Exploration (ME)?

Music Exploration (ME) is a one-to-one, musical foundation class designed to instill music fundamentals and ignite the curiosity of music in children as young as two and a half years of age. The child is encouraged to experience all aspects of music in these lessons. From the bright sounds of desk bells to the rolling tumbles of percussive instruments, and even piano basics! Most importantly, they will learn musicianship, rhythm and to recognize the basics of the musical scale – all with the help of the amazing Aureus teachers! The teachers at Aureus Academy are passionate, dedicated and they have a wealth of performing and teaching experience, making the school a very sought-after music school for children. Aureus sends their teachers on specialized pedagogical training to ensure the best skills and knowledge for nurturing your child.

Why is Music Exploration essential?

  1. Improves hand-eye coordination
  2. Boosts self-confidence
  3. Encourages self-expression
  4. Fine-tunes cognitive, emotional and social functions
  5. Instills discipline and perseverance
In a nutshell, the Aureus Music Exploration lessons are loads of fun, filled with song, rhythm and movement! Children at the curious and imaginative ages of 2.5 to 4 years old will love the colourful musical instruments. Lively and engaging Aureus Academy teachers will guide them along an interactive lesson in music, fun and play. Aureus Academy lessons are planned meticulously and customised to every student’s learning style. The one-to-one lesson format stimulates interest, curiosity and passion in music. The level of lesson plan curation is a huge reason why Aureus Academy is a popular music school for children among parents. Teachers will tap into the child’s imagination to ignite their inner musical genius. Engaging their ability to understand basic commands, simple counting and recognition of colours. From there on, their possibilities are endless! Free trial lessons are available at all 16 Aureus Academy branch locations. Call 3158 5811 or click on this link to book a FREE MUSIC EXPLORATION TRIAL CLASS for your child now!

Jacklyn Lee

Jacklyn is a Copywriter with Aureus Group, and making words flow to the sound of music is just about her thing! She hopes that her writing will be able to influence more people into experiencing the magic that music can bring. When Jacklyn is not crafting quirky and fun paragraphs or one-liners for work, she will be scrolling and swiping around for the next social media trend, singing for her neighbours from her living room, binging on Netflix or deep diving into the world of music and performing arts.