October 2019

Music Exploration Class: Aureus Academy’s Class For Younger Students

For six years now, Aureus Academy has already set her mark in the field of music education in Singapore and just recently in Hong Kong. It has become the fastest-growing training ground and home for more than 10,000 young singers and musicians. It has been recognized by Statista as one of the leading schools not only in music training but in education in general. Our current students are with different interests and proficiency in the field coming from various age groups. But there is no stopping for Aureus Academy in offering more classes and music lessons capturing wider reach of students; especially the younger ones. We are getting hold of students as early as ages three to four years old. Aureus Academy proudly introduces our addition to our reputable list of classes and lessons, the Music Exploration Class. The Music Exploration class strives to spread music to all ages; particularly it aims to kindle the younger children’s interest and gifts in this field. We see the Class as one of the keys to promptly unlock your children’s passion in rhythm, harmonies and melodies. The knacks and delight which could already be in them even before they were born. All children are knitted with innate talents. Education and nurturing happen the time we are able to see this uniqueness in them. The Class intends to draw this out of our children. The built lesson plans are suited for children showing early interest and skill in music. We are hoping with the parents to hear and see these gifts unfolded. All children are wise and the Academy believes they are capable to learn and so we start as young as they are. The Class can prepare the children if indeed they will pursue their musical journey in the future. Also called as a preparatory class, it trains the children the basic concept of music like the beat or tempo; the going together of sound in harmony and the tune and song. They will not only be able to appreciate music but have the knowledge of its elements. The Class will ensure that the children/students can identify tempo, dynamics, pitch, timbre and texture. But do not be overwhelmed with these technical terms especially for your children. We do not intend to give them a perplexing lesson their young minds could not yet absorbed. The Academy boasts of her unique and specially designed for younger-children teaching methods. Generally, they are definitely fun and inter-active but richly educational. We are very confident that the 15-piece curriculum Music Exploration Class will be a pleasurable adventure for the children. Your children would not even feel that they are into training. Instead, they will be looking forward to their every visit to our centers and class. Learning, in general, requires the right amount of enjoyment especially for younger students. Learning mostly requires actual doing of things. They have to do it to know it. But children have to enjoy doing it. This makes learning more effective and remarkable. This factor is a priority in early childhood learning. If they are enjoying, their interest will be nurtured and so with their skills. Formulated by our teachers who are dedicated and trained well on teaching music to younger students, Music Exploration teaches music through different kinds of fun-filled activities such as singing, dancing, movements and games, playing instruments and music-making and listening. The basic concepts of music are presented through experience-based approach. Direct instructions and attention are of importance. This approach gently secures the attention of the students. The instructions, on the other hand, are given in the same manner.   This gladly invites the students to cooperate and do the activity and experience learning. Since we are dealing with younger students, showing them directly and allowing them to experience the lessons firsthand effectively help them to grasp the concepts properly.  We use music added with movements to learn the lessons through the sensory-motor skills learning approach. We prepare a lot of combined music, sound and movement activities. Students would listen, sing, move and even dance with the music following a certain beat. This would strengthen the student’s response to what they are seeing, feeling and hearing. It contributes on developing good body coordination. Aside from the activities mentioned, students will be able to learn playing pitched-instruments such as hand bells, desk bells, xylophone and the piano. They will actually play these instruments and learn the subjects and even the skills. Non-pitched instruments like drums, clave, tambourine, shakers, maracas and triangle will also be used for learning rhythm, beat and tempo. Students would be given a pattern of rhythm that they would follow according to a steady beat. This would help them develop their sense of rhythm and ability to stay on the beat which is very important on making music. We will also use different kinds of non-music materials to help the students understand musical concepts. Cups, scarves, popsicle sticks, balls and other visuals and materials will be used as aids in teaching and learning. Our goal is to have engaging and fun lessons to enhance and not compromise learning. Dubbed as preparatory lessons, the class intends to guide the students as they start focusing on the instruments they prefer to play. When the student finishes Music Exploration Class, it is believed that they will take their preferred instrument and skill with confidence and certainty may it be in Piano, Voice, Drums or Ukelele lessons. Also, their succeeding training on music will not be as raw but with basic knowledge.  Suffice it to say that the Class serves as a relatively good foundation for the future of your children in the field of music in particular and in life in general. We have three classifications for our Music Exploration students. The first one would be developing. The child shows interest and potential in music. Enjoys every activity and able to learn the initial song with the pitched and non-pitched instruments. The second one is Average. Usually, for this kind of student, the teacher would be able to teach two songs. The child exemplifies focus and diligence on learning through our fun-filled activities. Lastly, High Ability. As the name indicates these are the students who are above average. Considering their age they are able to follow and learn the given activities quickly. With their fast comprehension, the teacher usually covers three songs. In all of these classifications, these students would show potential in learning music. The difference is just the period of time for them to learn the lessons and the students’ attention span. This would indicate how the teachers need to manage the lesson with a specific student. Here in Aureus Academy, we understand that every student is unique in their own way. That being said, our lessons are all in one on one setting. One teacher for one student in every lesson. This will enable our teachers to form a specific, personalized and effective lesson plan for his or her each and every student. It is our priority, to be able to meet every learning style and method that our students need and prefer. Our teachers are equipped and well experienced in handling different learning styles and manners of students. This will greatly help in developing in every student the zeal to know and learn while really enjoying their musical adventure. The one-on-one setting gives each student the individualized and unique learning experience. It improves the child’s attitude towards learning and boosts his or her self-esteem and confidence. The individualized approach also aims that the learning of every student to be self-paced and in a way self-directed. Our studios in Aureus Academy is designed for the positive learning space for one to one setting which is free from destructions and disruptions; encouraging focus in studying. In this setting, the students are helped to overcome their learning obstacles as teachers identify the learning needs of his or her student. In so doing, the teacher can aim at improving or correcting the area of learning need without pressure on the child. Be rest assured that you will find a teacher that would best suit your child. In fact, the Academy has hundreds of teachers, trained and are ready to serve and inspire your children to learn, build their confidence and achieve excellence. Aureus Academy excels in music education with the help of our versatile performers and well-trained music educators. Our teachers exemplifies great passion not just for music-making but also for teaching. As we all know, teaching is one of the hardest yet most rewarding profession. It’s the ability and opportunity to impart something to another person that could contribute to their maturity and development. May it be for academics, sports or music, in a classroom or one on one setting, teaching requires the skill and dedication that Aureus Academy teachers have. We value the opportunity given by parents who entrust their children to us. Our teachers are competent, approachable, enthusiastic educators that will work for hand in hand with you towards your child’s development. Parents are always welcome to join their child in the studios every lesson. We believe that effective and productive lessons are achieved through the joint effort of the teacher, student, and parents. Teachers will always provide updates for you to monitor your child’s progress. That way you can motivate and take part in your child’s musical journey. Music is great and important part of our daily lives. It is all around and within us. Our heart and mood and even our thought significantly flow and are drawn by the sounds and music.   It is not just something aesthetically lovely to enjoy and experience but it has proven that more than the added knowledge of learning it; music greatly contributes to the academic, physical and emotional development of a child.  It also helps with his or her social life. There’s so much about our children expressing themselves and relating to other through music. On the other hand, young as they are, they react with music and sound. Now, if our child, who is inclined to music and are trained and nurtured in the field of his or her interest and skill, can you imagine how she or he will be able to clearly and effectively express himself or herself in music? As young as they are, it will be an edge for them to dance in the beat, harmonize with the sound and sing and move with the melody and tune. Music is a strong and effective tool for learning and educating. Research shows that students participating in music lesson achieves higher test scores than those who don’t. Music helps a child to practice better processing of information. It improves their academic skill, memory, vision spatial processing, and problem-solving and reading skills. Music is both an art and a discipline and so with life. Thus, our children are helped in other fields as they are trained in music. Physical development is processed in music through playing the instruments. Learning music contributes on training the eye, head and body coordination that is essential especially for young children. Our bodies are a great part of music-making. As all of us have experienced, music has the power to change our moods and feelings just by listening to it. More ever, by playing music and singing songs. Music can pump up our day or turn a sad one to life. For some of us, music is our way to express. You may notice your child wants to sing when they’re happy. They enjoy moving and dancing to the beat of the music or stays still and quiet listening to a sad or slow song. Music may be their venue for expression. It stimulates creativity and a great avenue for your child’s artistic side. Developing discipline, patience and concentration are also among the many benefits of learning music. We don’t just teach them how to make music but also provide avenue for them to perform. Our teachers hold recitals for their students for them to apply everything they have learned from their lessons. The recitals are not just a tool to measure their development but also a great way for them to gain more confidence upon themselves as they perform in front of an audience. The Academy takes pride of our 99% passing rate on ABRSM music exam and consistently, we see in our students’ immediate improvement in musical skills upon enrolling to our various music lessons. We already have 22 schools in Asia all with the state-of-the-art school and facilities manned by the best teachers. Aureus Academy offers a free trial for all the lessons we offer. Our 30-minute trials will help your child to get the feeling of taking our music lessons and for teachers to assess your child’s ability. This assessment would help you to know what to do and how to encourage your child’s interest in music. Our music lessons are held once a week, four times a month on the desired schedule of the student and parents. Rates differ depending on the duration of the lesson. For Music Exploration, a 30-minute lesson is a good amount of time for students to retain information and attention. Enrollment starts at $235/month for 4×30 minute lesson. Aureus Academy also offers Home Lessons Service. This service are for those of you who want to take lessons in the comfort of your homes while having the same quality of teaching we cater in our centers. For details, you can email us at It is our vision to redefine how children learn and experience music. We prioritize on not just teaching music but for our students to enjoy music-making. All about music with all its concepts, teaching and learning are played underneath as we designed and facilitate with your children the Music Exploration Class at Aureus Academy.

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